Happy Birthday Jim Henson and Steve Whitmire!

It’s a much celebrated fact of Muppet Fandom that Jim Henson and Steve Whitmire, the man who took over Kermit from Jim after he passed, share a birthday. Today, September 24th, The Muppet Mindset celebrates the birthdays of both of these powerhouses of puppetry.

Jim Henson would have been 73 years old, Steve Whitmire is 50. Jim Henson performed Kermit for 35 years, Steve Whitmire has performed him for 19.

I had planned a big, long, essay-like article about Jim and Steve, but then I remembered possibly the best piece of advice Jim Henson ever gave: “Simple is good.”

So, in honor of Jim Henson, today’s Mindset is simple. Pictures of Jim and pictures of Steve. Enjoy!

Remember to celebrate today in your own special way. Wear a Sesame Street t-shirt, tell a bad joke, wave your arms around and shout “YAAAAY!”, sing, dance, or just make people happy. It’s what Jim would’ve wanted, and it’s the legacy that Steve has dedicated his career to preserving.

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Jim Henson and Steve Whitmire!

  1. That's stunning. A beautiful collection of pictures (some of which seem totally unique to me!). It tells a beautiful story, too, in images rather than words. Happy Birthday Steve, Happy Birthday Jim.



  2. I didn't realized today is Jim's and Steve's birthday. I picked the right day to get the new Muppet comic books. Happy Birthday, Kermit!

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