It’s a Very Scary Muppet Halloween Website

See The Muppets on Disney’s Haunted Holidays Page!

As reported two weeks ago, Disney has launched a Halloween website. What does this have to do with you (or me), you may ask? Simple: Muppets. That’s right folks, the Muppets are there in all of their furry, funny glory–and boy do they represent. The main focus of the site is a spell book of sorts in which you can access many different “sections” of the book that represent different popular Disney properties such as Pirates of the Caribbean, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Snow White, and The Muppets.

This webpage features some exciting new–and significantly awesome–content from The Muppets. Not only does it feature short video clips marking the triumphant return of some Muppet monsters (Big Mean Carl, Green Frackle, Pink Frackle, Angel Marie, a Muppet Ghost, a Muppet Skull, Real Old Tom), but it also features three fantastic new Halloween themed videos starring Bunsen, Beaker, and The Swedish Chef. The greatest part about this page? According to friends, this page can be seen by Muppet fans outside of the United States. This is significant because the videos on the main page for can’t be accessed by anyone overseas.

The first video that starts playing when you open up the site is Muppet Mobile Labs: Ghost Hunters. In this video, Bunsen welcomes the viewers to the live feed from Mobile Muppet Labs, “Where we take science to the streets!” Make sure you watch it for yourself. Be on the lookout for Bunsen’s hilarious penguin intern and a really bad pun.

The next video, Muppet Labs: The Carve-O-Matic 3000, features Bunsen and Beaker again. This time, everyone’s two favorite scientists are back in their element (although an element that is not on the periodic table) at Muppet Labs. The classic set from The Muppet Show appears to have been redesigned and rebuilt–a sign of more great Muppet labs video that are sure to come! This sketch also features the Muppet Labs theme music and the broken clock seen and heard at the beginning of each classic Muppet Labs sketch. Make sure you watch Beaker’s finger carefully after he takes off the Carve-O-Matic 3000, there’s some hilarious physical comedy.

The third video in the Muppets’ new Halloween lineup stars The Swedish Chef in Pumpkin Carving. Everyone’s favorite deranged Chef looks right at home in the new kitchen set–another one that looks to have been designed as a modern update to the Chef’s kitchen on The Muppet Show (complete with a snazzy new microwave). The Swedish Chef opens the sketch with his classic humming song and it really feels like you’re watching The Muppet Show on a new set. The Chef is trying to carve pumpkins for the viewers today–but these pumpkins talk. You can imagine how this works out. This video has the distinction of featuring four new puppets, a battle-axe, a chainsaw, and a bazooka!

It’s hard to pick a favorite sketch here since all three are spot-on perfect Muppety goodness and hilarity. There were parts of each video that I loved–the penguin in “Ghost Hunters,” the Beaker pumpkin head in “Carve-O-Matic 3000,” and the pumpkins in “Pumpkin Carving”–but there was one thing in all three that I consistently loved: Dave Goelz. Dave was hysterical as Bunsen (as always) and his role as the more experienced pumpkin was fantastic. Let’s hear it for Mr. Goelz, shall we?

I give each of these videos a perfect 5/5. The content is hilarious, well done, technologically advanced, and classic. Each of these sketches are something that I could imagine seeing on a special Muppet Halloween show.

The quality of the Muppet performances here were top-notch, A+ material and a fantastic sign of the incredible things to be coming soon from The Muppets Studio!

2 thoughts on “It’s a Very Scary Muppet Halloween Website

  1. I love these new Muppet Halloween videos.

    There tends to be a lot of negativity on the Internet these days, so thanks for being such a positive Muppet fan! 🙂

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