Sesame Street Saturdays: Tweets for the Ages

Do you have a Twitter account? Well, even if you are technologically lacking, you can still enjoy today’s article. Today we’re taking a look at Sesame Street’s official Twitter account. Here, the various Sesame Street characters post updates “live and official from Hooper’s Store!” It’s just a fun way to get a good laugh from these tremendous characters on an almost-daily basis. Here are a few of the funniest tweets:

Elmo: Elmo is going to meet Bert at the park for some pigeon-watching. Bert says it will be an exciting afternoon. Elmo’s not so sure.

Grover:That round-headed blue customer came into Charlie’s restaurant again today. I do not know why he eats there. The service is terrible.

Big Bird: “Letter B” is my favorite Beetles song! (“Letter B, Letter B, Letter B, Letter B…Whisper words of wisdom, letter B”)
Abby Cadabby: Thinking of getting a cat. I want to name her Tabby. Tabby Cadabby.

Elmo: Elmo loves you! But then, you knew that, didn’t you?
Cookie Monster: Me don’t know about these tweets. Me no can eat dem, so me don’t understand what all da hub-bub is about!

Abby: The hardest part about Tweeting is I don’t know how to spell yet. Or type. Luckily I have a magic wand, so we’re in business!

GR: I love to Twitter. Or is it “Do the Twitter”? Do not worry, I know the correct terminology! “Tweetering!” Is that right??

Big Bird: Hey guys, did you notice anything funny today on Google?

And that’s just a sampling of all the fun you could be having by following Big Bird, Elmo, and the gang on their official Twitter account. Even if you don’t have a Twitter yourself, you can still check up on Grover’s latest Tweets by going to While you’re there, you might as well check out The Muppets Studio and The Jim Henson Company as well!

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier

One thought on “Sesame Street Saturdays: Tweets for the Ages

  1. OH! I had never seen these, am now following SS. These are my favourites:

    Abby Cadabby: My mommy is Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother, so as you can imagine, she’s a real stickler for curfew

    Cookie Monster: Helpful hint: to remove cookie crumbs from fur, blow dryer work wonders. Extra bonus: fur come out so shiny and manageable!

    Elmo: Elmo was just singing the alphabet, and noticed his name is in it! A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K, ELMO, P,Q,R,S,T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z!

    *giggles* They are all so in charcter, and hilarious.

    Beau{Brought to you by the confirmation word: uninte…Something that as Muppet fans, we should strive for.}regard

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