Muppet Comic Mondays – Muppet Robin Hood Trade Paperback Review

Muppet Robin Hood Comic Book
Trade Paperback

Michael Wermuth, Jr.
“Muppet Robin Hood” was the first Muppet fairy tale comic book series from BOOM! Studios. I never found any of the individual issues in stores, so I bought the trade paperback that combined all four issues, and it probably is better reading them all as one story as opposed to individual issues.

If you’ve read the previous reviews, you’ll know that it’s the Muppets in their own version of Robin Hood (or maybe you’d know that by the title). Kermit stars as Robin Hood, while Robin plays a character called Squirt. Other roles include Miss Piggy as Maid Marian, Rowlf as Alan-A-Dale, Sweetums as Little John, Janice as Willa Scarlett, Fozzie Bear as Friar Tuck, Gonzo as Guy of Gisbourne, Sam the Eagle as the Sheriff of Nottingham, and Johnny Fiama as Prince John, among others.

I would have cast either Fozzie or Robin as Little John as opposed to Sweetums, but it’s great that he gets a big role. Unlike Roger Langridge’s Muppet Show comics, Muppet Robin Hood heavily feature characters from Muppets Tonight, including Johnny Fiama, Sal, Pepe, Clifford, and Bobo. And a lot of minor and obscure characters make appearances, including Hilda, Mildred, Mahna Mahna, some of the jug-band members, and Fleet Scribbler. The archery contest in issue #3 features many obscure characters. This would have also been a great way to have used The Newsman, Louis Kazagger, and Fleet Scribbler (but at least they all do make appearances elsewhere in the comic).
Many fans have expressed dislike for the artwork, and have said that the characters don’t seem to be written right, but I’m not really bothered by the artwork or the writing. The Muppet Show Comic Book is better, but this is still a good read.
There seems to be a minor plot hole. At first, it seems like Maid Marian isn’t too interested in Robin Hood, but by the time of the archery contest, she’s interested (and not because Robin does anything adventurous or heroic at the contest, because he doesn’t). Even when the “trap” to lure Robin to the contest with the prize being a kiss from Maid Marian is planned, she doesn’t seem interested, but when unknowingly talking to Robin Hood, she expresses a desire in Robin Hood.
Unlike The Muppet Show Comic Book: Meet the Muppets trade paperback, this one does not have the covers between each issue, instead placing them in a cover gallery in the back of the book, while artwork from the comic is placed between each individual issue. I would have preferred the comic covers to be placed between each issue (and unless I read wrong, it seems that the trade paperback for The Treasure of Peg-Leg Wilson will have its covers in a gallery at the back as well).
Still, this is a good book. I can’t decide whether it’s better than the version of Robin Hood from the Lynn Redgrave episode of The Muppet Show, but it’s still good. It’d be great to see a video game based on this comic.

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier.

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