News Update: February 18, 2010

NEWS UPDATE: February 18, 2010
There is news today! First of all, The Muppet Vinylmation collection is available online at the Disney Store. So if you’re a fan of Muppets shaped like Mickey Mouse or Bean Bunny collectible items, then these are for you! You can buy a box of 24 for $238 (?!?!?!) or single blind-boxes for $9.95 (plus shipping, of course). Personally, I’ll be waiting to pick some up when I go to Disney World next month… but that’s just me!

Muppet King Arthur #2 will be released next Wednesday (February 24) in comic shops everywhere (or most everywhere, anyway). Featuring covers by David Petersen and Dave Alvarez, issue #2 continues to follow Arthur (Kermit) and his band of rag-tag knights as they attempt to reinvigorate England’s hierarchy. Be sure to check it out when it’s released next Wednesday!

Elmo, everyone’s favorite third-person talking monster, is starring in a new series within the regular series called “Elmo’s Backyard.” Sesame Workshop officially launched the webpage for the series today and it’s being dubbed, “Indiana Jones of the Backyard” which is both fun and exciting at the same time (funciting!). There are also some fun video clips on the site, so check it out!

Our wonderful friends over at ToughPigs have coverage from this year’s Toy Fair in New York earlier this week. They of course got the scoop on anything Muppety, Sesame, or Fraggle they could find and they have some great pictures and coverage to check out.

Our other good friends at have also reported some great news from Toy Fair New York, including the fact that there will be a re-release of Muppets Monopoly from a few years ago, along with a new Muppets Yahtzee game with the cup shaped like Kermit’s head (don’t ask me how that works). Our contact at Stitch Kingdom has also mentioned some other exciting Muppet products but wasn’t specific. Once I know more information I’ll relay it here!

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