The British are Coming! — I mean…Sesame Street Saturdays

You know those days when you sit at home by a logfire with a whippet laying by your feet as you sip tea and nibble on triangular cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off and think to yourself, would it not be simply smashing to takeover an American blog for a week?
Nope. Me either. But that certainly hasn’t stopped me thus far! Your regular host Ryan Dosier has taken it upon himself to personally inspect the damage being done at Muppet Vision 3D (and by damage we mean update) and to browse through current available merchandise (and by browse, we mean don a balaclava and borrow.) In fact, can someone please tell security there to watch out for this guy?
I know. I shouldn’t have. But I just keep telling myself…the longer he’s away, the longer you have me! Mwahaha!
Now…where did I put that incriminating file… Ah-a! Maybe this is it. So, if I just hit “Publish.”
Sesame Street Saturdays
Oh, nope. This is just a picture of Oscar the Grouch in honour of Sesame Street Saturdays…Oh, and that big award show coming up tomorrow…what’s that thing called again? Something about Grouches?
We actually found this scrawled on the back of the Disney World tickets Ryan seems to have left behind, so good luck with that. Also, we’re not quite sure what he was trying to say here…

Anyway… I shall see you children tomorrow.

-T.B.C. (The British Correspondent).

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier

2 thoughts on “The British are Coming! — I mean…Sesame Street Saturdays

  1. Oh dear goodness, yes, he's coming back! (We hope.) He's just on vacation in Disney World, and for some odd reason he left The British Correspondent in charge. Personally, I think TBC hypnotized him into doing it… or maybe brainwashed him… But hey, what's the worst that could happen in a week?

    –Lisa the Intern

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