News Update — 12th March, 2010

Hello Muppet Fans. TBC here with a news update that you do not want to miss.

D and JHC in talks over the production of a movie about JH, potentially based on the scandalous screenplay penned by  C, which we found and reviewed way back before it got blacklisted by the movie making community.


Did you hear the one about the Frog who had run out of money and the Pig who was living glamorously in Europe? (Is it just me, or were just cashing in on the use of the word ‘gaga’ in the creation of this article’s headline?) (Also, I promise not to mention Gaga this week…well, if the news demands it!)

Over at TP, we’ve spotted a number of Fraggle-related interviews popping up daily throughout the week. And there’s nothing we enjoy better than a good interview…you just never know what someone might let slip. (See the first of the series here.)

Elsewhere, clocking in with 140 characters or less, SST tied for Best Brand with Whole Foods on the Shorty Awards. Me think Cookie Monster will enjoy sharing that award space with food very much indeed…

Taking Over
We’ve also picked up news that The British Correspondent is enjoying his position of power considerable more than originally planned, and refuses to relinquish the blog back to its former owner Ryan ever, ever, ever! It’s mine, mine, MINE! Ahhh hahaha ha ha ha!

Ahem…That is all.


The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier

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