Notes from The British Correspondent (or "Who Let Him Back In?")

Notes from The British Correspondent: Studio DC re-Shelving Project

Psst…down here. Psst! Yes, beside the potted plant. Hello, it’s the British correspondent here. As you probably don’t know, I was banned and exiled from this website after an unfortunate incident involving a chocolate sauce, a hair-dryer and Ryan’s red sweater-vest, but I have sneaked (snuck?) back on to deliver this vitally important message: Britons of the World, unite. People of Britain, stand up and prepare yourselves! English, drink that tea! Scottish, fry something! Welsh, knit something! Irish, make a stew! Right…have you done that? Good. Now would you please get to your local supermarket, video store or anywhere that “Studio DC Almost Live” is being sold on DVD (I’ve seen it in Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, WH Smith and my assistant saw some somewhere in Scotland). Wait! Before you leave to said store!!! Come back, would you, and finish reading. Right, good. Now, when you get to said store you must find the shelf containing “Studio DC Almost Live” DVDs and move them all up to a top-shelf, preferably at eye-level and right where the Store usually stocks their most important DVDs. Bonus points if you can stack them in the Charts at numbers 1, 2 and 3.

Right. Done that? Now GET OUT OF THERE and beware of security!!!

Message Ends.

This message will self destruct in five seconds.

Actually, it won’t, but didn’t that give you an icy shiver of excitement?

Good. Now get to work my minions!

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier

9 thoughts on “Notes from The British Correspondent (or "Who Let Him Back In?")

  1. Oh no. How did that person get on the website. Is Ryan going away again? I wish he wouldn't. I always miss his posts and the British Correspendant made a mess before.

  2. Oh good. Okay.

    But I just went to Walmart and I could not find Studio DC Almost Lives, so I have not moved it up yet. As soon as I see it, I will though. Do not worry!

  3. Ahem. Sparkle, my dear, as fantastic as your efforts in the re-shelving department have been this day, the Cracker of Prawns is right, Studio DC is not yet available in the USA. I was really making my article as a plea for British folks to get involved with promoting the dvd by putting it on higher shelves. (Which they BETTER be doing if they call themselves Muppet Fans!!!)

    Anyway…I better disappear before Ryan sees me. I'll just leave this test-computer I'm using in the electrical store and sneak back to Morrisons to check if security moved the dvds back.

    Night all!


  4. Okay. I guess that was a wasted trip then. Not completly wasted though because I bought a pineapple flavoured lollipop.

  5. Okay the British Correspendent. I'll wait until it is released and then look again. When is it being released here?

  6. Sadly, we do not yet have a US release date for Studio DC: Almost Live, but I'm sure we'll tell you as soon as we know!

    –Lisa the Intern

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