Uncle Deadly Will be in the New Muppet Movie!

Uncle Deadly, the semi-obscure Phantom of The Muppet Show (see the Twiggy episode of The Muppet Show) has been a fan-favorite character for years, even receiving his own action figure in he Palisades Toys line. Well, he’s also a favorite of The Greatest Muppet Movie of All Time director James Bobin, who, Nicholas Stoller confirmed, injected Uncle Deadly into a scene in the upcoming film. Don’t believe me? See for yourself in this clip from an interview with Nicholas Stoller from Moviefone Minute.

I love how the interviewer pretends to know who Uncle Deadly is… but we Muppet fans know, and we should be super excited! It looks like this film is in extremely capable hands!

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier

2 thoughts on “Uncle Deadly Will be in the New Muppet Movie!

  1. đŸ˜€ Yay, Uncle Deadly! I'm a bit dissapointed no one has mentioned if Lips will be in the upcoming movie, but at least me know some of our favorites will be back!

  2. If Uncle Deadly is there then I know that Hilda the Wartrobe Lady will be there also as well because she is from Translavania isn't she?

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