Muppet Comic Mondays: The Muppet Show Comic Book #6 – Family Reunion

The Muppet Show Comic Book #6
Family Reunion
Written by Roger Langridge
Illustrated by Amy Mebberson
James Gannon – After an amazing reunion where we meet a grown up Skeeter, and introducing future characters Andy and Randy to The Muppet Show, Family Reunion part 3 decides to do things a little different. Instead of a rare family member we rarely see (or never see in the context of the original series), we get a Muppet Show regular. We get a great story focusing on Kermit’s own nephew, Robin.
The twist is that Statler and Waldorf’s Greek god counterparts decide to play a piece that has no connections to anyone whatsoever, causing an internal struggle. Robin feels very underappreciated, especially having to sort props and other smaller, overlookable tasks. Things get worse for the little frog. Just before he has to perform the Frog Scout mime interpretation of Death of a Salesman, the mysterious piece is played. A cross eyed woman wearing a suit with a badge that says “C.O.” on it. Skeeter gets involved in the mess, and they both come to the conclusion that C.O. means County Orphanage, and that somehow they’re coming for Robin. Fearing a Follow that Bird situation, Robin eventually decides to run away.
Which brings me to thinking that it never was explained why Kermit is usually seen taking care of Robin. Did something happen to Robin’s parents? Did they have a bad trip to Paris where they lost their legs? Or does Robin just hang out with his Uncle a lot? It’s not explained here, nor does it really need to be. My guess? Robin’s just young enough to think something bad’s going to happen without thinking it through.
Meanwhile, Kermit has to take a collection for something. What it is, I won’t say. And, of course, there IS a surprise family member that pays a visit… but it’s a surprise. It’s basically a throwaway gag, and you’re gonna have to read to the end. But it’s well worth it.
The standout sketches from this issue follow the old Muppet Show tradition of sharing something (an item or character) between 2 or more sketches. Wayne and Wanda sing “Mighty as a Rose” to a monster baby in a bassinet (they almost get to the end before any mishaps, making it all the funnier). Pages later, Link Hogthrob is smitten by the monster baby, spending all his time on the Swinetrek taking care of it, to the rest of the crew’s dismay.
On that note, if we ever get another full issue Pigs in Space story ever again, I really want Amy to draw it. She gives Link the goofiest look that fits the character even better than the actual puppet. Heck, if there’s ever another Pigs in Space animated series, she should do the model sheets. Of course, Roger should write on both counts. Out of all the sketches you usually see, he has the best handle on that one.  
All and all, this issue is a very sweet character piece for Robin. Rarely did they give him such a character exploration on the actual show, and this series really dives into every character in a more psychological and deep level than the show had time for. This issue didn’t NEED the same “look what character’s here” feeling as the previous 2, but it stands up just as well as the rest of them.
The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier

2 thoughts on “Muppet Comic Mondays: The Muppet Show Comic Book #6 – Family Reunion

  1. I always assumed that the adult male and female frog sitting with him in the pews in MTM are his parents. — Kelly

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