Upcoming and Now-Available Muppet Merchandise

Today on The Muppet Mindset, we take a look at some of the Muppet merchandise that has been recently released by The Muppets Studio and some great items coming in the very near future.

We begin our tour at Wal-Mart, where there is a brand new t-shirt featuring Kermit wearing brightly colored headphones. Retail cost is just $7.50 and t-shirt quality is fantastic…

Next up, Target! Where they have a fantastic men’s t-shirt featuring, once again, Kermit. The shirt has an “Awesome Meter” that ranks the wearer as “Awesome” no matter who it is (which is definitely not true… but we have yet to invent a working Awesome Meter t-shirt).

Coming up after that, we head to Kohl’s department store where they have Animal lounge pants (aka pants you lounge around in) (I didn’t know people wore pants whilst lounging). Currently on sale for $12.00 in-store and online!

While we’re at Kohl’s, take a look at their great Animal face t-shirt as well, which is on sale for $10.80 in-store and online

Coming this fall for the PS3 video game system is Little Big Planet 2, the sequel to the extremely popular Little Big Planet game. Earlier this week it was announced that there would be a retail-exclusive Gonzo costume for the main character, Sackboy. According to some articles, even more Muppet costumes will be available to download after the game is released. Here’s the first look at the Gonzo costume…

Silly Bandz are an extremely popular series of shaped plastic wristbands that kids can wrap around their wrists without losing the distinctive shape after they take them off. There are numerous Disney-themed Silly Bandz series, such as Cars, Toy Story, and Disney Princesses. The latest addition is The Muppets! Starting with Series 1, which consists of Fozzie Bear, Pepe, Animal, Statler, and Waldorf, Series 2, including Gonzo, Miss Piggy, Rizzo, Swedish Chef, and Rowlf, and Series 3, including Kermit, Bunsen, Beaker, Sam Eagle, and Sweetums, all of which are set to be released in August…

DisneyStore.com is selling some Disney Parks exclusive Muppet products including the first series of Muppet-themed Kooky Pens, extremely popular collectible writing pens sold at the Disney Parks. The first series includes Kermit, Miss Piggy, and Beaker and retail for $21.95 online

Hallmark stores are exclusively selling a talking Animal Christmas ornament for the 2010 holiday season, available now (they put these things out so soon these days). The ornament features Animal playing his drum set and, when the button is pressed, plays about a minute worth of Animal grunting and wailing on the drums (click here to hear the sound). Retail cost is $18.99 available only at Hallmark.

Keep your eyes peeled for even more Muppet stuff trickling into stores from The Muppets Studio! If you find any new Muppet merchandise in stores, be sure to let us know!

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier

4 thoughts on “Upcoming and Now-Available Muppet Merchandise

  1. One minor correction. The Kermit “Awesome Meter” shirt at Target is actually a mens shirt, not womens.

  2. There IS a women's Muppet shirt available at Wal-Mart right now though, featuring a dotted Kermit, I hear. Maybe you can track down a picture, or shoot one yourself to post?

  3. Those pens look well sexy. Epsecially the beaker one with the cool hair, but why is his hair yellow not red though there?

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