Weekly Muppet Wednesdays: Angus McGonagle

WMW Angus
Written by Ryan Dosier.

Performed by…Angus McGonagle
Jerry Nelson

Only on-screen appearance…
The Muppet Show Episode 417: Star Wars (1980)

Most recent in-print appearance…

“Muppet Snow White” #2 comic book (2010)

Best known role…
Argyle Gargoyle who gargles Gershwin, gorgeously.

Angus McGonagle is a Scottish, purple Argyle Gargoyle Muppet who sports a kilt. His main (and probably only) talent is gargling the tunes of George Gershwin. His only major appearance on The Muppet Show was in the episode featuring the cast of Star Wars in which he was the original guest booked for the show. When the Star Wars cast burst through the wall in some sort of intergalactic mishap, Angus was bumped in favor of Luke Skywalker and his funny droids and furry friend Chewbacca.

Luckily, Angus still got to perform on the show by sneaking on stage during a break to gargle “Summertime” from the opera Porgy and Bess. He was also joined by Mark Hamill and eventually chased off stage by Animal.

All but forgotten, Angus has recently seen new life in the form of printed media in the Muppet Classics series of comic books from BOOM! Studios. He first appeared in “Muppet King Arthur” #4 illustrated by James Silvani and most recently in “Muppet Snow White” #2 illustrated by Shelli Paroline. Rumor has it that pestering from an unruly fan blog led to Angus’ inclusion in the comics.

Who doesn’t need an Argyle Gargoyle who gargles Gershwin? If you’ve got an answer to that, you’re less of a dreamer than I.


The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier, muppetmindset@gmail.com

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