Muppet Comic Mondays: News Update

The great folks over at Archaia Comics made the announcement official on Thursday that the Fraggle Rock Comic Book series will be continuing with a second series. The second installment will be sticking with the same format as the first three issues–one long story and two shorter stories in one book, along with activity pages such as “Draw Your Own Fraggle.” Click the link above to read a great interview Comic Book Resources conducted with Archaia’s Editor-in-Chief Stephen Christy about the Fraggles.

Comic Book Resources also has coverage of the Muppets and Roger Langridge spotlight panel at Comic Con. Langridge talks about his beginnings with The Muppet Show Comic Book and Disney Adventure Magazine and sheds some light onto his creative process and what is to come from The Muppet Show Comic Book in the future. (And the article writer misspells Fozzie… but that’s another story.)

In other comic news, friend of the blog Amy Mebberson, “Muppet Peter Pan” and “The Muppet Show: Family Reunion” artist, has some awesome pictures on her blog, My Blue Sky, from her time at Comic-Con–including she and Roger Langridge with homemade Kermit and Gonzo puppets!

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier

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