New Fraggle Rock Plush From Manhattan Toys

The Jim Henson Company’s online store have released four exciting new products from Manhattan Toys’ line of Fraggle Rock goodies. An Uncle Traveling Matt plush doll and hand puppet and a Junior Gorg plush and puppet are now available through the online store. This is the first time Junior (or any) Gorg has been available in plush form, so that alone is quite exciting.

Uncle Matt Plush – $25

Uncle Matt Puppet – $22

Junior Gorg Plush – $30

Junior Gorg Puppet – $25

There’s also plenty of other great Fraggle merchandise available at Henson’s online Fraggle Rock store.

And while you’re on this Fraggle kick, why not cast your vote in our polls to release a Complete Fraggle Rock Music set? You’ll be glad you did!

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier

2 thoughts on “New Fraggle Rock Plush From Manhattan Toys

  1. Oh look! New snuggles! Uncle Matt look snuggilable for bedtimes and I can carry Junior Gorg in my lunch-box as a lunch-time snuggie!

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