News Update: August 26, 2010

NEWS UPDATE: August 26, 2010
The Muppets Studio announced (via their Twitter account) that a new Muppet-themed store had opened on the XBox Live Marketplace. For those who don’t know, XBox Live Marketplace is an virtual store where you can buy outfits and accessories for your XBox Avatar–the character that represents you in all of your XBox Live exploits. There are TONS of cool Muppet items to add to your avatar, such as Penguins, a Chicken, a remote control cream pie, a Gonzo costume, and plenty more. (Including some misspellings–Fozzy? Really?) If you have XBox Live… how can you NOT get some of this stuff for your avatar?

Earlier this week The Jim Henson Company and The Smithsonian Institute announced that the Henson family was donating the original Kermit the Frog puppet, along with the other original Sam & Friends puppet characters, to The Smithsonian in Washington D.C. This magnificent collection of history will be put on display in the Smithsonian museum in D.C. where millions of people can enjoy them. Check out a brief video of the announcement here.

Sesame Street posted a picture on their official Tumblr account of a giant corn maze made in the shape of some favorite Sesame Street characters. The Hunter Brothers, who own the farm in New Brunswick, New Jersey, created the maze in honor of Sesame Street‘s 40th Anniversary last year. The maze opens this September.

And, finally, please enjoy this graph of The Name Etymology of The Muppets created by the very funny people over at

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier

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