Ask Elmo!

Greetings, Muppet fans! How is your life? Have you been wandering around aimlessly, lost and confused? Have you been distraught and perturbed and just out of luck? Do you just have too many questions spinning around your mind to be happy? Well, thanks to our good friends at Sesame Street, there is finally someone who can answer these questions for you… Elmo!

That’s right, everyone’s favorite 3 and a half year old furry red monster allergic to tickling is now allowing his fans to ask him questions! Any questions they want! (Well… you know, within reason.) Just watch his latest YouTube video for details on how to ask…

Get it? Got it? Good! Now get out there and ask young Elmo a question! I doubt he has a degree in psychotherapy… but wouldn’t it be awesome if he did?

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier

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