Muppet Comic Mondays: Muppet Sherlock Holmes #1 Preview

Our good friends over at Comic Book Resources have a 14-page preview of the upcoming Muppet Sherlock Holmes #1, which is released this Wednesday, September 15th. There’s already an incredible, eclectic cast of Muppets assembled just in these first 14 pages, including…

  • The Great Gonzo as Sherlock Holmes
  • Fozzie Bear as Watson
  • Kermit the Frog as Inspector LeStrade
  • Rizzo the Rat
  • Wayne
  • Janice
  • Nurse Janice
  • Nurse Piggy
  • Dr. Bob
  • Nigel the Conductor
  • Dr. Bunsen Honeydew
  • Beaker
  • Angus McGonagle the Gargling Argyle Gargoyle

All of which are beautifully drawn by friend of the blog Amy Mebberson! Be sure to check out the preview and pick up Muppet Sherlock Holmes #1 when it is released by BOOM! Studios on September 15th!

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier

One thought on “Muppet Comic Mondays: Muppet Sherlock Holmes #1 Preview

  1. As the resident Brit, I can here confirm that you do indeed need a coat and boots in June in London. Sometimes even an umbrella, snow-plow and battery-oerated hair-dryer as well. I am looking forward (as opossed to backward?) to this new comic adaption of one of our greatest classic characters. – TBC

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