Mighty Fine Sesame Street T-Shirts

I was recently informed of some incredibly awesome new Sesame Street shirts over at Mighty Fine T-Shirts and I thought I would share the wealth with you, my lovely readers! These shirts are exclusively available online and they’re pretty much awesome. There are seven wonderful shirts… here are my three favorites that I would really, really like to own. (You know, in case you guys were wondering what to get me for my birthday.)

Bert and Ernie “ABC 123” shirt. Yes, I think I can rock it like that.

The Count “Counting Ain’t Easy” shirt. Obviously he’s keeping his count-hand strong

THIS is Near!
And this Grover “Near and Far” shirt is AWESOME!

Check out Mighty Fine’s complete collection of Sesame Street shirts and you’ll be just as tempted as I am to buy them!

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier

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