41 Favorite Sesame Street Segments

41 Favorite Sesame Street Segments (in No Particular Order)!

Michael Wermuth, Jr. – Well, Sesame Street’s 41st season just started, so what better way to kick off the 41st year than with a listing of my 41 favorite Sesame Street moments. Now, in the past I’ve made other lists of the favorite Sesame Street songs that haven’t been released on albums, that haven’t been released on DVD, my favorite segments from last decade, and the top five segments I didn’t know about until sesamestreet.org… But this isn’t about whether the segments are available on CD, DVD, or online, it’s my top 41 favorite segments from Sesame Street, in no particular order!

2.       Grover asks Kermit, The Count, and Sully why the number 2 is their favorite numbers (and it isn’t any of theirs!)
3.       Rubber Duckie
4.       C is for Cookie
5.       Oscar, Bruno, and the adults go to the Cha-Cha Palace
6.       Kermit’s W Lecture
9.       Prairie Dawn invites Grover, Herry, and Cookie Monster to dinner

11.   Jazz #7

18.   That Grouchy Face – with James Taylor
19.   Jim Carrey: Happy and Sad feet
20.   Squeal of Fortune
21.   D-Dance
26.   Snuffy jumps on Big Bird’s trampoline
27.   Cookie Monster and the Count co-operate on eating and counting cookies
28.   Super Grover: Telephone Booth
33.   Number Three Ball Film
34.   Mystery Guest
35.   Disco Frog

Honorable Mention: Every version of “What’s the Name of That Song?” The song is so good, and every version I’ve seen is great, whether it’s sung by Forgetful Jones, Bert and Ernie, or the entire cast (or really most of the then-current humans and some Muppet characters).

Well, that’s my list. I chose not to include anything from season 41, mainly because the season hasn’t been completely broadcast yet, but I have seen a few clips on sesamestreet.org and Sesame Street’s YouTube channel that I would have liked to have included (such as “Hot and Cold” with Katy Perry and “What I Am” with Will.I.Am).

Do you agree with Michael’s list? Are there more segments you’d like to have seen included? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter!

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier 

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