Walter is Revealed and Jason Segel Gets His Picture Taken

Greetings, Muppet fans! Entertainment Weekly continues their love of The Muppets in their latest issue, Issue #1128 – November 12, 2010. This time, on pages 14-15, the feature a gorgeous, brand new photo spread featuring a gaggle of Muppets and one Jason Segel!! This is the first official promotion for the upcoming Muppet movie (tentatively called The Muppets in the article that accompanies the picture) and also the first time Jason Segel has been pictured with the Muppets. Oh, and one more thing… the brand new Muppet, Walter, makes his debut in the picture!! See him below…

The article’s description of Walter (from Jason Segel and director James Bobin) reads, “Walter, a sweet, slightly naive twenty-something Everypuppet who, in the movie, is the best friend and roommate of Segel’s character, Gary. Both Gary and Walter are die-hard Muppet fans. ‘Walter is the kind of guy who faints when he sees Kermit,’ Bobin says. Of course, Walter’s Muppet fandom is complicated by the fact that he is a Muppet himself. ‘Walter has a little bit of a self-confidence issue because he’s the only person like him that he’s seen aside from the Muppets,’ Segel explains. ‘His dream is to meet the Muppets and be around people who are like him.'” I don’t know about you, Muppet fans, but I already really like Walter. What a great premise for a character–and not just because he’s totally every single one of us!

But anyway… the picture is gorgeous, the accompanying article is fantastic and extremely hopeful, and I am ridiculously excited for this movie. Just to see all of the Muppets together with Jason Segel for the first time is enough to make me thrilled beyond healthy reason. I absolutely can’t wait for this hugely exciting ride we’ll all be taking as the first theatrical Muppet movie in 11 years finally moves into production!

The pictures in today’s article come to us courtesy of our good friends over at ToughPigs!

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier

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