"?" with Jarrod Fairclough – Why does Pepe say "Okay" at the End of Most Sentences?

Jarrod Fairclough Presents: “?”
Because Asking Questions Is A Good Way to Find Out Things
Question: Why does Pepe say “Okay” at the End of Most Sentences?

Why howdy Muppet fans, and welcome to the next edition of my article with the long name I can’t be bothered typing out again. I’m back with yet another question I can blow out of proportion, and it took me a while to think of one. As I mentioned in my last article, I was going to find a question to ask about Pepe, our favorite King Prawn, as requested by an anonymous person. I’m an obedient fellow, so I racked my little brain for something to do with Pepe, until I was struck by lightning and it came to me! Yeah, you heard. I was struck by lightning. Not real lightning, obviously. Metaphorical lightning. Because I thought of a question. See what I mean? Yeah, cool. So, today’s question is:

“Why does Pepe say ‘okay’ at the end of most sentences?”

Pepe may be one of my favorite characters ever. I’m constantly in fits of laughter by him, and I think Bill Barretta does a phenomenal job with him. But one thing I’ve always thought was a bit odd is when Pepe says “okay” at the end of his sentences. Is it a nervous tick? Is it a habit that he can’t quite kick, like that nasty “singing” habit Ke$ha has that the world wishes she’d get rid of? Okay, so that was a weird comparison… I really hate Ke$ha.

I love Pepe though; I once based a character in a little improvised Drama class play on Pepe, named, imaginatively, Pepe Okay. I can’t remember what happened in it, but I remember wearing a fedora. Now, some may blame his weird speech tick on his Spanish accent, but Rosita doesn’t have it. Does she? I haven’t seen a Rosita sketch in a while. Let me YouTube that… She does not.

So why does he say “okay”? Well, I can’t answer that yet, because I haven’t had an answer. But rest assured, I’m going after one from some people who I should think would know, okay? Oh man, now I’m doing it, okay?

I’m going to stop now before I am doing this forever okay?  DARN IT!

I’ll be seeing you soon, okay?  Here on the Muppens Mindset, okay?

Jarrod, the King Prawn

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier

3 thoughts on “"?" with Jarrod Fairclough – Why does Pepe say "Okay" at the End of Most Sentences?

  1. I sometimes say okay at tne end of sentences but only when the sentence is ending in okay like are you okay or is everyhting okay but not like Pepe does because that is silly and I'm not.

  2. Rosita doesn't do the “okay” thing because she's from Mexico (=America's Spain) therefore speaking an entirely different Spanish accent than what the shrimp's dishing up. He's actually from Spain (=that European Spain y'know) and that's just what your average _Spanish_ gigolo sounds like, okay? Okay!

    Oh yeah, and thinking about it: Rosita might not even be as much of a _gigolo_ to begin with (though Baby Bear might beg to differ, but that warrants an entirely different article right there).

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