More News and Photos from the Set of "The Muppets"

If you missed Tuesday, then you missed some epically awesome new set photos from The Muppets but you’re here now today for even more pictures and news and awesomeness! (This article does contain some minor SPOILERS so if you want to remain spoiler-free until the movie comes out, you might not want to read on.)

The fine folks at have tons of new pictures from Tuesday night’s filming outside of The El Capitan Theater in Hollywood. The pictures offer our first glimpse at Uncle Deadly in all of his glory and we also get to see Chris Cooper, Rowlf (in an awesome hat), Dave Goelz, chickens, tons of other Muppeteers, and newly-confirmed cameo star Mila Kunis (Family Guy, That 70’s Show, Black Swan). Here are some of the coolest pictures:

Chris Cooper with The Muppets
Dave Goelz, Matt Vogel, Jason Segel, and Mila Kunis (in the white top and blue dress)
Look who came out to play! also revealed that Kunis’ role in the film has something to do with performing “Mahna Mahna” (presumably for the telethon). They said that she seemed like she was having a great time and even kissed Kermit at the end. They also said that Jason Segel was having a great time as well (go figure). Click the link above to read even more!

The folks over at have an exclusive interview with Chris Cooper. In the interview he talks about his hip-hop number as Tex Richman and talks about how great the Muppeteers are at staying in character even after the cameras are off. However, the most notable part of this interview is the fact that Cooper confirms that he has a Muppet sidekick/henchman. He describes said Muppet as “a little dragon with florescent blue eyes.” Which… to me, sounds quite a lot like this guy:

Of course, Cooper also refers to him as “a new Muppet” which could negate Deadly’s involvement… but I’d be willing to bet that Cooper just isn’t all that familiar with the Twiggy episode of The Muppet Show. My guess is that Uncle Deadly is going to be playing the bad guy’s henchman–which, quite frankly, is awesome.

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier

2 thoughts on “More News and Photos from the Set of "The Muppets"

  1. Oh,man!!! I can´t wait for the movie to come out!!!I LOVE the Muppets and i agree with you,here´s hoping that Uncle Deadly gets to play the bad man´s henchman!!! By the way,i LOVE your blog!!!Congrats!!!

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