Jarrod Fairclough is Outraged

Well, it’s happened… The Muppet Mindset has caused an international incident. Yes, two of our frequent contributors (and one antagonizer) have entered into a feud with each other… and since one’s from Great Britain and the other is from Australia and The Muppet Mindset is based in the United States we’ve got a three-way international war erupting in our midst! Don’t believe me? Well… read on!

Jarrod Fairclough is Outraged

Jarrod Fairclough – I am outraged, Muppet fans. Absolutely sick to my scorn.  The last time I was this outraged was when Ke$ha released that awful “Turn It Up” song… Man I hate her.

But alas, Ke$ha is not the reason I am so outraged. No, Muppet fans. The reason is because of someone on this very blog. Someone we all know, and yet none of us trust. Especially not Ryan’s cat… I’m hoping everyone here has gone and looked at The Muppet Mindset’s “About Us” page. If not, go and have a look, because it has some great bios of the staff and frequent contributors to the blog, of which I am one.  And with these bios are some photos.  There’s myself with Bert, Ryan with Zoe, Lisa the Intern with an awesome blue Whatnot.  But… Wait a second… The British Correspondent has a photo of himself with a question mark over his face…

And this is where the outrage comes in…

QUESTION MARKS ARE MY THING ON THIS BLOG! For a few months now, I’ve been writing a series of article’s entitled “?”. See that? See the title. It’s a question mark. And yet The British Correspondent reckons he can just waltz in with his mysteriousness, and claim the question mark? Look at my logo:

See, it’s a question mark. With Kermit’s head as the dot. A QUESTION MARK!

So here is my message to The British Correspondent. You can do what you like to this blog when Ryan leaves it with you. You can do whatever you did to that poor cat as much as you like. You can be all mysterious. But if you don’t change that About Me photo, and swear off question marks, then be prepared for me to reveal who you actually are! Okay, Mr Bean? You got me, Black Adder??? Listening, James Bond? No, not James Bond. He has too much class to steal someone’s question marks.

Your move, British Correspondent.

Jarrod Fairclough

The Muppet Mindset does not support this feud, nor do we plan to get in the middle of it or pick sides… but we do enjoy watching it.

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier 

4 thoughts on “Jarrod Fairclough is Outraged

  1. This is newsworthy?

    Lol, sorry Prawnman, but this has me chuckling, because it's like anytime some minor little thing upsets a celebrity who shouldn't be a celebrity (ala Paris Hilton), but it makes like big-time international news. And I'm assuming the British Correspondent is our under-appreciated custodian whom we loved so dearly, yet despised his cooking. 😉

  2. That awesome blue Whatnot, for the record, is named Bug. I realize that's fairly irrelevant to the feud, but Bug was over here insisting his name be known to the world… He's a persistent little fella when he wants to be.

    –The Intern

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