News Update: February 18, 2011

NEWS UPDATE: February 18, 2011

As we reported earlier this week, Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Telly appeared on Bravo’s Top Chef on Wednesday night to judge a cookie making contest. (With no tongues? No way.) The whole episode has yet to surface online–which is fine, because the Sesame Street monsters only appeared in he first half of the show–but there is a great behind-the-scenes segment on Hulu, which you can see below!

Speaking of Elmo, our good friends on the team of Being Elmo: A Puppeteer’s Journey and Muppet Mindset correspondent Chase Beecher have informed us that the film will be screening at another film festival! This time at the SXSW (South By Southwest) Festival in Austin, Texas. No word yet on if Elmo or Kevin Clash will be in attendance, but you can find all the information about screening times and locations at SXSW’s website and

More exciting news from the world of Sesame comes in the form of a brand new Sesame Street video game, via our friends at, being produced for XBox 360 and compatible with its Kinect accessory. The game is tentatively titled “Once Upon a Monster” and features Elmo and Cookie Monster in a Where the Wild Things Are like world. The Kinect allows you to play games using your whole body, so the game is designed to improve youngster’s motor skills and reaction times. The game will be available this fall and we’ll keep you posted as new information surfaces!

Last Sunday, a group of fantastic Jim Henson Company puppets appeared on the Grammys with Cee Lo Green and Gwyneth Paltrow performing Cee Lo’s hit “(Forget) You.” In case you missed our coverage of it on Valentine’s Day, here’s another look at the wonderful appearance!

While we’re on the subject of The Jim Henson Company, exciting news has surfaced about their partnering with Guillermo Del Toro in producing a new film based on the Pinocchio story. Apparently the Henson Company is designing puppets for the film. Once again, our good friends at ToughPigs have the scoop and some exclusive, awesome looking images for us to ogle.

You didn’t think we’d be done with The Jim Henson Company that quickly, did you? Good. Because Jim Henson’s Fantastic World opened this past Saturday in Peoria, Illinois and will run through May 21st. And, apparently, Jane Henson will be appearing in person on February 24th! Check out all the information about the exhibit at this local newspaper’s website. Also… let us know if you’ll be going to see Jane Henson on the 24th, because we think our own Ryan Dosier will be there!

In our grand tradition in mentioning ToughPigs far too many times in our News Updates, we’ve got another ToughPigs link in the form of their fantastic coverage of ToyFair 2011. They’ve got tons of pictures of upcoming Sesame Street and Fraggle Rock merchandise and a video of Elmo and Cookie Monster in person at ToyFair! How cool is that? Also… before you freak out, there isn’t any new Muppet merchandise presented, and we’re fairly certain that this is because Disney is holding off on a big marketing push for the Muppets until ComicCon in the summer where they can showcase merchandise closer to the film’s release date. But we don’t really know anything for sure, so please don’t quote us on that, because, really, we know nothing and we just like to talk.

But, hands down the most exciting news of the week, in my humble opinion, is the thrilling announcement that The Muppets will be preceded in theaters by a brand new Toy Story short film! The Muppets and Pixar have always had a great respect and homage paying thing with each other–in fact, Disney even put The Muppets script through the Pixar brain trust–so this is pretty much the perfect partnership. I’ve hardly met any Muppet fans that aren’t also Toy Story fans… so this is basically the best possible situation! I for one am extremely excited for this hugely awesome pairing. Kudos, Mouse House! Gotta love that synergy.

And, finally, I have to be unprofessional for a minute and make a shout out to Sean, my best friend in the world, who said he’d actually get around to checking out my website if I made a shout out to him in a post (I know how it sounds, but he really is a good friend). So… there it is and I’ve probably completely lost my credibility as a professional blogger (what professional–I don’t get paid) by doing this… but hey, I’ve got to get him to see it somehow. Oh, and so I don’t get in trouble… I’ll also shout out to Peter, Hannjoo, Tiffany, Sam, and Mickey too.

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier

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