A Message from The British Correspondent – Episode V: The British Strike Back

The British Correspondent – Hello International Muppet Fans. I have broken The Muppet Mindset code long enough to post this short message. Today, in Sheffield (a small city in a tiny town up north) in a giant shopping centre, high above the eating masses, I… I, myself… spotted one giant video screen projection of the actual Swedish actual Chef actually popping actual corn (the corn may not have been actual). It was, in fact, the “Popcorn” YouTube video… but up on a huge promo-screen usually reserved for self-promotion of the mall’s inner stores. It was so awesome to see and also to notice people subtly watching and even beginning to dance. I particularly noticed that when Swedish (are we calling him that since Hannah Montan’s brother did?)  answered his mobile and the music stopped everyone kinda went, “Aww…” and then hopped a bit when the music started up again. Brightened up my day of spying on the Disney Store waiting for Ryan to approach…(Turns out that I had mistaken “Rain” for “Ryan” in the weather forecast again…)

Also… did you know that the UK cinema release date for The Muppets is a whole three months after the US release?! Yes, The Muppets isn’t being released here in the UK until February 17, 2012! I am enraged by this news and simply must find a way to either be in the US for the November release or lock myself in a freezer until the UK release as to avoid every spoiler available. Hmm… surely Ryan will let me stay in his house again, yes? His cat loves me!

Anyway, that is all. Good night, sweet creatures.

— The British C.

— P.S. To you, JARROD FAIRCLOUGH, I have but one mature, serious, thing to say in response to your unprovoked attack on my “About Us” image…and it is thus: If you love QUESTION MARKS so much why don’t you just marry them!

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier

One thought on “A Message from The British Correspondent – Episode V: The British Strike Back

  1. I can't wait for the Muppets movie also! Thanks for sharing that link, I never saw that clip before. Sounds like someone who works in that mall is a Muppets fan too!

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