Launches a New Era of Muppet Fan Sites

Greetings, Muppet fans! If you follow The Muppet Mindset ( or Steve Swanson on Facebook, then you know that we’ve been hinting at an exciting announcement coming today… well, this is it! Steve Swanson of The MuppetCast, Joe Hennes and Ryan Roe of, Dave Hulteen, Jr., and myself, Ryan Dosier, are all beyond thrilled to announce a brand new collaborative website from the minds of the five of us. It is with this that we proudly present…
The Best of the Muppet Online Fan Community

But what exactly IS Good question! Here’s the official information on this hugely exciting, brand new website: was created to be THE online destination for Muppet news, information, and entertainment as provided by other Muppet fans. The online Muppet fanspace has grown considerably in recent years, and so with the work of several folks in the community, we hope you find everything on the site useful and fun!

As you can tell, was designed as the one and only place you’ll need to find the best of the best of the Muppet fan community. will be updated daily with new articles from The Muppet Mindset and ToughPigs along with a weekly update for the new episode of The MuppetCast. The entire design and virtually all of the art you see on every page of the site was designed by Muppet fan artist extraordinaire and one of our favorite people, Dave Hulteen, Jr.!

Along with the exciting launch of, we are also declaring this week, March 6th-March 13th, “Change Your Profile Picture to a Muppet” week on Facebook! So join in the fun and celebrate the launch of by changing your own Facebook profile picture to your favorite Muppet character! We want to see Beakers everywhere–a Kermit on every wall, and a Gonzo in every Facebook Chat! Change your picture, tell your friends, and celebrate the launch of!

I can’t tell you how excited and honored I am to be a part of this website. It means the world that Steve, Joe, Ryan, and Dave let me act as a fifth co-founder of, and I hope that together the five of us can continue to bring the Muppet fan world all the best information and fan content out there!

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier

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