Muppet Merchandise and Where to Find it in YOUR Neighborhood

Greetings, Muppet fans! Tired of hearing about all the great Muppet merchandise available in Walt Disney World and Disneyland–which are inconveniently not located near you? I know I am! Well, fear not friends, because The Muppet Mindset has gone through tireless (actually, we’re pretty tired) efforts to find lots of great Muppet stuff available at stores near you!

Wal-Mart, everyone’s favorite gigantic superstore with everything from printer paper to poor health benefits, has lots of Muppet stuff, surprisingly. Including!

  • Kermit baseball cap – There are two caps available at Wal-Mart… there’s one with a flat bill available for men and one with a curved bill that is plaid and available for women. Both cost $10. (How could you not want?)
  • Gonzo baseball cap – Same as Kermit, only Gonzo! LOVE. One of my favorite new things. Again, only $10.
  • Kermit iPod Touch 4th Gen CoverThis is awesome… and I’m so perturbed that I have a 3rd Gen iPod Touch. I’m extremely close to buying a 4th Gen just for this. Costs $19.99 and is awesome.
  • Muppets Pajama Pants – I haven’t been able to find these at FOUR different Wal-Marts… but they are incredible. Kermit, Animal, Beaker, Swedish Chef, Dr. Teeth, Scooter, and Pepe are all on these pants. I’m not sure how much they cost but I need them.
  • Animal Boxer Shorts/Sleep Shorts – No picture available of these, but they are basically just Animal’s face spread across a pair of boxer shorts. Why you would want Animal’s mouth that close to your… well, you know. $14.99.
  • Animal Neon Face T-Shirt – Again, no picture, but it’s a very simple shirt. Black background with a colorful neon outline of Animal’s face on it. I think it glows in the dark, too. $9.99, I think.

Kohl’s Department Store
Yet another store that has always had great support for the Muppets and it still shows. They have some awesome t-shirts…

Kohl’s also has some cool Sesame Street Muppet “Face Shirts” which are basically just singularly-colored shirts with various Muppet faces on them, including Cookie Monster, Elmo, Bert, and others.

Target has some great t-shirts available…

  • Fraggle Rock T-Shirt – Yellow, “washed out” Fraggle shirt for guys. Has the whole Fraggle five on it. I really don’t know if I’ve ever seen a widely-available Fraggle shirt… so this is great to see! $9.99.
  • Animal T-Shirt – Animal is obviously the most popular t-shirt character… and here he is yet again on another shirt. $9.99.
  • Muppets “Abbey Road” T-Shirt – Love. This. The color is great, the design is great (the poser puppets are ugly). I’ve gotten so many compliments on this shirt when I wear it around. $9.99.

And, other than that, I’m sure if you look around you’ll find some more awesome Muppet stuff creeping into stores. Let us know if you find any more Muppet stuff that we missed by tweeting us @MuppetMindset or writing us on Facebook–or you can just leave a comment here, we don’t really care!

Happy shopping, Muppet fans!

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier

9 thoughts on “Muppet Merchandise and Where to Find it in YOUR Neighborhood

  1. I can't believe they used the unmade Master Replicas “Photo Puppet” Fozzie prototype instead of an actual Fozzie poser! WOW.

  2. I can't believe they used the unmade Master Replicas “Photo Puppet” Fozzie prototype instead of an actual Fozzie poser! WOW.

  3. Disney Store had some great merchandise last Spring, but almost NONE currently. Send requests via Twitter to @DisneyStore and @DisneyStorePrez.
    The Muppet Show beach towel, travel mug and accessories were the best!! They need to come back strong!!

  4. Walmart has young mens' bathing suits with Kermit, Elmo, and/or Cookie Monster on them. They are long board shorts type bathing suits and they look really cool! Not all stores have them yet….

  5. I received the Muppets Abbey Road t-shirt for Christmas from my daughter, but the shirts run extremely small for men's shirts, and the fabric is too thin. Quantity rules over quality yet again. . . .

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