Michael Wermuth, Jr’s Top Ten Favorite Fraggle Rock Songs

Michael Wermuth, Jr. – You’ve seen my articles and lists on The Muppet Mindset. Most articles I’ve written have been about either Sesame Street or The Muppet Show. While I’ve occasionally mentioned Fraggle Rock in my articles, I have never done a full article relating to the series before. And there’s a simple reason for that: I like most of Henson’s other works better. I do enjoy the show, but I’m a bigger fan of Jim Henson’s other properties. But, to show that I do like the show, for the first time ever, here is my list of the top ten Fraggle Rock songs. Enjoy!
10. Dum of a Son of a Gun (from “The Garden Plot”)
This is a catchy song, sung by Pa Gorg and Junior Gorg. Pa expresses his frustration over his son’s stupidity.

9. Pass It On (from “The Perfect Blue Rollie”)
This song was sung by the Fraggles as they get and give rollies to each other. This song was later sung by the Fraggles in A Muppet Family Christmas.

8. Yes We Can (from “All Work and All Play”)
This song was sung by The Architect at a ceremony for Doozers to get their helmets. I used to think the line “Does a Doozer thumb his nose at doing Doozer work?” was asking if Doozers pick their noses over Doozer work.

7. Follow Me (from “Beginnings”)
The first song from the show, Uncle Matt sings to Gobo before setting off to “Outer Space.” Also famous for being Jerry Juhl’s favorite song from the show and sung at his memorial service.

6. I’m a Little Fraggle (from Boober Gorg)
This song, sung to the tune of “I’m a Little Teapot,” was sung by the Fraggles to Boober after Boober lost his memory, in an attempt to get Boober to remember who he is.

5. I’m Always Here (from “Wembley and the Gorgs”)
A funny little song sung by Wembley, about always being here and never being there. It would have made a great song for Sesame Street as well.

4. I’ve Seen Troubles (from “Beginnings”)
Marjorie the Trash Heap sang this song, stating that troubles are her favorite thing.

3. Let Me Be Your Song (from “The Minstrels”)
One of the best songs sung by Cantus and the Minstrels, sung by the group when they made their first appearance on the show. A good way of introducing the group.

2. Convincing John (from “The Preachification of Convincing John”)
Convincing John’s trademark song, sung to both convince the Fraggles to NOT eat Doozer constructions, and later to convince them TO eat Doozer constructions. This song includes a rare instance of a Fraggle referring to a human being (as opposed to calling them “silly creatures”).

1. Friendship Song (from “Marooned”)
Sung by Boober and Red (two of my favorite Fraggles) when trapped during a cave-in, this is a very moving song.

What are some of your favorite Fraggle songs? Mine is “Dixie Wailin’,” but we’d love to know yours! Share with us on Facebook or Twitter or in the comments below.

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier

5 thoughts on “Michael Wermuth, Jr’s Top Ten Favorite Fraggle Rock Songs

  1. I knew Convincing John and Friendship Song would be on the list! This is one of the best “Best of the Best” Fraggle Rock lists I've seen, although I was never too fond of Junior Gorg's Dum of a Son of a Gun. Catchy, but simple. Two that would definitely be on my list are “Shine on Me” from The Day the Music Died (sounds very Doobie Bros. lol) and “The Ballad of Sir Blunderbrain,” from The Terrible Tunnel (has an engrossing, Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald feel to it). But, number 1 on MY list is “The Wind, and the Pond, and the Moon and Me,” sung by Red in The Beanbarrow, the Burden and the Bright Bouquet.

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