Somebody’s Getting (Got) Married

The British Correspondent emailed me early this morning (supposedly not as early wherever he’s holed up at) and informed me that there was a wedding going on somewhere across the pond. Turns out that Prince William (do you think he has Prince Albert in a can?) and Kate Middleton (daughter of Wilbur Upperton and Francis Lowerton) tied the knot this morning over in merry old England in front of millions of people. So, that makes her a princess now, right? Well, bully for them! Me? I’ll always be partial to another interspecies wedding, myself (interspecies in the sense of Willy and Kate meaning royal/not so much)…

Yes… that is what today’s post consists of. C’mon, it’s Friday… gimme a break, will ya? How about we all agree to just blame The British Correspondent, deal? Sweet. See you tomorrow, Muppet fans!

 The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier

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