They’re Closer Than You Think

Apparently, Muppet fans, The Muppets are closer than we think. Yesterday some huge news broke on the front of The Muppets as the very first official teaser poster for the film was revealed on Ain’t It Cool News (thanks to our friend James Carroll for linking us to it first) and subsequently swept the web, hitting, SlashFilm, and other big-name film sites. But enough talk… check out the OFFICIAL teaser poster for The Muppets!

And there you have it, Muppet fans. Gonzo, Fozzie, Kermit, Piggy, and Animal are here, and they’re closer than we think. Here’s some of my analysis of the poster…

What I Like

  • Love the use of characters. It’s just Kermit, Fozzie, Piggy, Gonzo, and Animal stepping out. No Jason Segel, no Amy Adams, no Walter… it’s The Muppets. I love it.
  • It’s simple. And, as Jim always said, simple is good. This doesn’t try to be anything more than the Muppets just being there to be seen.
  • The tagline is great. It’s concise and sweet. It basically says the Muppets are here, the magic is here, the nostalgia is here, they’ve been here, and they’re about to make themselves known once again. It’s what we as Muppet fans have known all along… Disney is just confirming it for us.
  • The lighting, the posers, the logo…

What I Don’t Like

  • The release date… it’s still 192 days away!!

This is just the first of, I’m sure, many Muppet posters we’ll be seeing in the coming months. And, between you and me, I’ve heard from a source that a trailer for Theย  Muppets is included in front of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, which comes out next Friday (May 20th). But… I’ve also heard from another source that there wasn’t a trailer in front of the preview they saw. So… who really knows?

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier

9 thoughts on “They’re Closer Than You Think

  1. This is great!

    Somewhat relevant, if the same pattern is followed this time – the preview I saw for Pirates 3 in 2007 did not have an Enchanted trailer (which was Disney's Thanksgiving release that year), but the regular viewing of Pirates 3 did have the trailer. So there might still be hope.

  2. If there is a teaser trailer for Muppets at the midnight showing I am going to for Pirates I will scream like Miss Piggy in the theatre! Fair Warning. SO. EXCITED.

  3. What I don't like:

    – Kermit has a serious case of CAMEL… uh, FROG TOE… ew!!! And his torso's just not rounded enough anymore.
    – Fozzie looks especially odd, his nose and eyes are placed too high up on his face, and his left hand is placed awkwardly as well.
    – Piggy's got bad, wet-poodle hair, no chin, no classic purple gloves and a very bland dress.
    – Gonzo's still that new design with pupils that are way too small, and a stuffed, bigger nose.
    – Animal still doesn't have enough hair on top of his head, a problem that's been going on for way too long.
    – Kermit… ugh… what's with all the naughtiness between his legs again???

    What I like:

    – It's the Muppets, so I've still got high hopes for the movie! ๐Ÿ™‚

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