Sesame Street Saturdays: Conversations with Bert

Have you ever dreamed about talk shows hosted by Muppets? Have you ever wondered what Bert’s favorite type of sock is? Or what his favorite nutritious beverage is? What about how he would interact with Saturday Night Live mainstay Andy Samberg? Well all of these questions and more are answered in the most recent, possibly most awesome, Sesame Street viral video released on YouTube on Thursday. Conversations With Bert features everyone’s favorite paperclip collecting, pigeon loving, unibrowed yellow person as he interviews celebrities. Part 1 (implying more parts!) features Andy Samberg as a guest… but enough from me, just watch it for yourself because it’s fantastic!

But that’s not all! Our good friend, the extremely talented Stuart Reeves has created something magnificent. With his incredible digital art skills, Stuart has created a desktop wallpaper from the teaser poster for The Muppets that has the perfect dimensions, amazing coloring… and just absolutely everything. Check it out below, click on it to see it in all of its gorgeous glory, set it as your desktop background, and spread around like a video of a cat and a gorilla becoming friends!

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier

One thought on “Sesame Street Saturdays: Conversations with Bert

  1. OK, that desktop image is AMAZING. Ever since the poster came out, I've been looking for just this. Thank you so much!!!!

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