It’s TIME to Play the Music

It seems like everyone is talking about The Muppets these days. And with good reason–in less than 170 days the first Muppet theatrical feature film in over 12 years will hit theaters and it could, maybe, might, possibly make or break the Muppets’ future in the show business as anything more than nostalgic fuzzy faces.

TIME’s latest online exclusive article On the Set of the New Muppet Movie takes this opportunity to talk to many of the people who have had a hand in this film including Jason Segel, Nicholas Stoller, Eric Jacobson, Peter Linz, Miss Piggy, and Walter. These insightful interviews are chock-full of information that we’ve all been silently wondering about… such as “Could Elmo possibly have a cameo?” and “What about Ed Helms? Is he in?” or “How much of a Muppet fan IS Jason Segel, really?” plus a lot more.

This really is a great article full of tons of info that we all really needed to hear/read, so be sure to check it out and be sure to check back on The Muppet Mindset tomorrow for our break-down of what exactly this article means, piece by piece.

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier

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