Doodling With Jim Henson

The fine folks over at the Muppet Musings blog (which you should really check out) have provided the world with some awesome information: a new book of Jim Henson’s doodles is coming out this fall. Doodling with Jim Henson will be released on October 1, 2011 and we have the full description of the book below:

Scribbling and doodling have long been enjoyable pastimes. From rendering prehistoric cave drawings to sketching innovative creations while sitting in class, people of all ages since the dawn of time have gravitated toward doodling regardless of their artistic abilities. Doodling with Jim Henson invites doodle enthusiasts and Henson fans alike to view the practice of doodling as a method and framework for additional creative development. Using a comprehensive catalogue of Jim’s sketches and doodles throughout his career, you will learn the “finer points” of doodling as art and will be invited to doodle monsters, fish, birds, title treatments, signs, banners, borders, and backgrounds directly in the pages of this eclectic, colorful book. Fun exercises and drawing prompts engage and invite creative participation using no more than a pencil and a bit of imagination.

  • Features easy step-by-step instructions for learning the fine art of doodling through the eyes of celebrated artist and puppeteer Jim Henson.
  • Includes a brief history about Jim Henson and his influence in art, puppeteering, and television, as well as several of his simple yet profound life philosophies.
  • Contains a variety of doodle content, including Jim Henson’s character designs, dingbats, borders, frames, backgrounds, and more!

Jim Henson, an extraordinary artist and visionary, invented unique worlds and characters that remain just as vivid, original and fresh today as when they were created. A television pioneer, an innovator in puppetry, technology and visual arts, and a performer who literally brought to life some of the most memorable characters ever, Jim Henson’s impact on entertainment, education and culture continues to this day more than 20 years after his death.

Sounds pretty cool, right? I know I’ll be picking up a copy!

And speaking of cool books. Remember when we mentioned The Tales of a Sixth Grade Muppet book that would be coming out this fall to promote The Muppets? Well, the cover art has been revealed and discovered by our friends at ToughPigs! Check it out:

Looks pretty Muppety to me! I love the scribbly drawings in the background. Looks like what I still draw in math class!

You can pre-order both Doodling with Jim Henson and Tales of a Sixth Grade Muppet now from!

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier,

3 thoughts on “Doodling With Jim Henson


    On a related note…no 'Art of' or 'Making of' for the movie? Seems odd. I'm sure there will be one but you'd think Amazon would have that bad boy up for pre-order already.

  2. Hmm…maybe I'm missing the point, but surely the whole point of doodling is unleashing your inner creative…not learning how to copy other people's doodling style? I personally doodle new costumes for Lady Gaga whenever I have a pen and paper in my hand…Not Jim-style doodlings.

  3. I think you may Beau, at least as I understand it.

    This isn't a 'Doodle Just Like Jim Did' book, it's a celebration of the art of doodling. By noting Jim Henson doodled and showing what he drew, the books developers are saying, “See, it's not a bad thing to sketch in the margins of your notebook or on a random napkin. Some of the greatest ideas by one of the world's most influential creators began this way.”

    At least that's my take on it.

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