News Update: June 18, 2011

With all the Muppet movie excitement that has been sweeping all around us these past few days, we have missed out on some fun, cool news items from other branches of Muppet fandom. Let’s get caught up some, shall we? And, of course, this News Update ends with even more news about The Muppets.

Those lucky ToughPigs, Joe Hennes and Ryan Roe, have been posting videos from their oh-so-awesome visit to the set of Sesame Street. First, they talked to Emilio Delgado and Roscoe Orman, then it was Carmen Oshbar, Leslie Carrara-Rudolph, Rosita, and Abby Cadabby, and now they got to talk to Steve Whitmire, Eric Jacobson, and Matt Vogel. If I didn’t like them (and this video) so much, I’d hate them (and plus they managed to mention The Muppet Mindset… so all is forgiven). Check it out!

The D23 Expo will be held once again this year in Anaheim, California on August 19-21. A tradition for Disney for years has been inducting new members into its distinguished Disney Legends Awards, honoring individuals who have contributed quite a bit to the Disney stable. 2009’s honorees included Betty White and Tony Anselmo, voice of Donald Duck. The honorees at this year’s expo include Regis Philbin, the voices of Disney Princesses, the original Zorro, and none other than Jim Henson. It is unknown who will be on-hand (that’s a joke, son) to accept the award for Jim, but I’ll be sure to let you know, because I’ve officially decided that I will be attending and live-blogging from the D23 Expo this year! So… yeah, there’s that to look forward to.

Late this past Wednesday night I got a text from Lisa the Intern saying, “Paul Williams on Jimmy Fallon NOW! Watch!” Unfortunately, I was with four friends in the middle of a movie that I don’t remember, so I couldn’t watch. However, thanks to the magic of Hulu, Paul Williams’ appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon is now online for all of us to see. Here’s the video of Paul closing the show performing “Rainbow Connection” with The Roots.

A week ago, Sesame Street posted a preview of a brand new sketch from Season 42 on their YouTube page called SpiderMonster, The Musical and somehow we missed that too. It’s hysterical and charming and features a (semi) cameo by Bono. We have received confirmation that the performers in this sketch are indeed Jerry Nelson as Mr. Johnson/Fat Blue and Frank Oz as Grover. How awesome is that?

Rolling Stone magazine is reporting that the band Scissor Sisters have been tapped to score the music for the Fraggle Rock feature film, but then quickly edited the article with a quote from The Jim Henson Company saying no deal has been made with the band, but they are in talks with Scissor Sisters and others. This is odd for many reasons, since we have no idea who even owns distribution/production rights for the film (we’ve heard through the grapevine that The Weinstein Company is out). So… take this article as you will. Could be vastly old, unreported news from when the film was still maybe happening, or it could be something else entirely. In other words… we have no idea.

In “movies that are actually happening” news, has posted a fantastic new article, “It’s Time to Light the Lights!: On Set with The Muppets” chronicling their visit to the set of The Muppets. They get to talk with Jason Segel, Amy Adams, and producers Todd Lieberman and David Hoberman. It’s a really well-written, heartfelt article that also provides us with some information we didn’t know.

Remember that robot seen driving the car in the full length trailer? Well, apparently his name is 80’s Robot, “’80s Robot looks exactly like a larger scale version of any generic sci-fi toy you would have seen on your local drug store toy aisle back in the early ’80s. Unlike most Muppets, ’80s Robot appeared to be almost 100% plastic. Not the traditional felt and cloth we associate with Muppets. To that end, it is probably incorrect to label ’80s Robot a Muppet at all. What we do know is that ’80s Robot is Kermit’s driver… as it is him in the driver’s seat of the Rolls for the scene. This was later confirmed on set by Debbie McClellan, Disney’s creative director for the Muppets (and again confirmed in the new trailer).”

And the burly looking pig we’ve been wondering about since the first teaser trailer? That’s Miss Poogy. According to the article, “Poogy is the anti-Piggy. A ruddy, rough-looking pig adorned in leather and chains, Poogy addressed the others while sharpening a knife in her left hand. She was obviously getting the crew mixed up in something bad, telling them not to ‘worry about it’ and expressing surprise that they’d never ‘done this before.'”

We can’t even go two days without more movie news–and I’m not complaining! Be sure to read the whole article because it’s a real treat with some fun pictures included as well!

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier,

2 thoughts on “News Update: June 18, 2011

  1. Can someone please explain why has Miss piggy got brown hair in that picture? I wish they had her blond hair as usually in the new Muppets Movies.

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