The Muppets NOT in "The Muppets" Trailers

The Muppets Not in The Muppets Trailers

Michael Wermuth, Jr. with Ryan Dosier – The recent trailers for The Muppets, and the recent article here on The Muppet Mindset, show that many Muppets, over 70, will be seen in the film: major characters, minor characters, fan favorites, obscure characters, new characters… Still, there are many great characters who haven’t been spotted in the trailers yet, and while I don’t doubt they’ll be included, it’s still interesting to note some of the characters not seen in any trailers yet.

George the Janitor
Angus McGonagle
Mildred Huxtetter
Hilda the Wardrobe Lady
Annie Sue Pig
J.P. Grosse
Gaffer the Cat
Fleet Scribbler
Bean Bunny
Johnny Fiama
Sal Minella
Andy and Randy Pig
Bill the Bubble Guy
Boppity (Blue Frackle)
Timmy Monster
Gladys the Cafeteria Lady

There you go, some (semi) great, (partially) fan-favorite and (mostly) popular Muppets who have not been spotted in any of the trailers for The Muppets. Will we see these Muppets in the film come November? Will anyone but obsessed Muppet fans care? Are these questions dragging on too long? Where am I?

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier,

11 thoughts on “The Muppets NOT in "The Muppets" Trailers

  1. I'd love to see Doglion in the final shot…since he was the first Muppet to be seen in TMM and this movie is rumored to be a direct sequel to that one.

  2. I would't hold your breath for Angus McGonagle, Seymour, and especially not Digit. The others may have a half-way decent chance of making appearances, though I doubt anyone would really care if Bill the Bubble Guy, didn't show up.

  3. Yes, Joe. Clifford IS appearing in the movie.

    Some characters I'm hoping will appear in the film include:
    -Lenny the Lizard
    -Gloat (Green Frackle)
    -Rover Joe
    -T.R. the Rooster
    -Nigel the Conductor
    -Mean Mama
    -Gorgon Heap
    -Shakey Sanchez
    -Spamela Hamderson
    -Lubbock Lou & his Jug-Huggers
    -various Koozebanian Creatures
    -Miss Mousey
    -Louis Kazzager
    -Whaddayasay Bird
    -Forcryingoutloud Bird
    -Ohboy Bird
    -Ohreally Bird
    -Youknow Bird
    -Righton Bird

  4. I'm really really disappointed that there will be no Bean Bunny at all from what I've seen. He has a major role in the parks, and he was a major character in Jim's final projects. Pepe is in it! Rizzo's in it! Hell, Manna Manna get's a bigger spotlight. I can see why Johnny, Sal, and Digit were let go, but come on….OK, that's my ramble.

  5. In the new upcoming 'Muppets' sequel called 'The Muppets II', I bet more characters will be in that movie including Mildred Huxtetter, Lenny the Lizard, Robin the Frog, Clifford, Johnny Fiama, Sal Minella, Seymour, Andy and Randy Pig, Angus McGonagle and a few other characters we haven't seen in a very long time.

  6. NO JOHNNY FIAMA AND SAL MINELLA. THIS IS THE WORST THING TO EVER HAPPEN IN THE HISTORY OF AMERICA, NO IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD!!!!!!! And why would we think Seymour has any chance of getting in this movie? He wasn't even in Muppets From Space (1999). Also Clifford's NOT in the film. And WHO THE HELL IS BOPPITY!! I also hope to see Kermit the frog in this film, even if he's just a background character, I hope they don't forget him or Fleet Scribbler. Fleet Scriblbler is like THE MOST POPULAR MUPPET. Hilda has NO chance.

  7. Other muppets that were left out of that film include:
    -Baskerville Hound
    -Dr.Phil van Neuter
    -Chester Rat
    -Tatooey Rat
    -Masterson Rat
    -Bill Frog
    -Gil Frog
    -Jill Frog
    -Zippity Zap

  8. From what i hear, Muppets from Muppet Treasure Island are confirmed to be in that film, of which include Angel Marie, Calico, Blind Pew, One Eyed Jack, Spotted Dick, Walleye Pike, and Black Dog

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