Threadless T-Shirt Contest

The Muppets Threadless T-Shirt Design Contest has come to a close and a winner has been announced: “Together Again” by shirt designer ponchodiazv which can be seen below…

Although this isn’t a bad t-shirt by any means (including Rowlf and Scooter in the design wins style points for sure), this wasn’t the shirt that won the popular vote in the challenge. The shirt design that received the highest average vote score belonged to our good friend (and designer of our header) James V. Carroll. His fan-favorite and mind-blowingly detailed “The Muppetational Mosaic,” seen below…

So, you’re probably asking, if the mosaic design won the highest score, why did the other design win? Well, that’s because Threadless maintains the final decision on declaring a winner based on what they think their customers will buy, what they could easily print, etc. Thus, they’ve awarded the second place “Together Again” design with first place. But, fret not fans of The Muppetational Mosaic, because James has revealed that Threadless has indeed accepted his design as the second place winner and will be producing it as a t-shirt! Also in other exciting news, there’s a decent chance that Threadless will produce other designs from the contest as well, which could lead to an entire wardrobe of awesome Muppet shirts–and an empty wallet for most Muppet fans. Worth it, though.

You’ll be able to purchase “The Muppetational Mosaic” soon on Threadless and for now you can pre-order “Together Again” as part of a combo pack which includes the t-shirt, a poster, and Muppets: The Green Album on Disney’s new

Congratulations to both winners and we hope we’ll get to congratulate even more designers soon if Threadless does decide to produce more!

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier,

2 thoughts on “Threadless T-Shirt Contest

  1. This is great news. I was actually disappointed in the chosen design. It's not that it is a bad design. I just didn't think it made a good t-shirt or one I would wear actually. I'm glad to hear other designs are being featured.

  2. Together Again was my fave. I also really liked the one with Kermit holding a clutch of balloons resembling the Muppet characters' heads floating in a blue sky. Very sweet.

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