The Moopet Mindset

Peoople of the woorld, it is I the British Corespoondent. I have had a very important revelation that I need to share with all yoou wonderful readers of Ryan-blog, and it is this: I have moved on.

Yes, I know what you are thinking, you have moved on from being a blog-hacking investigative reporter that regularly hijacks Muppet people’s blogs on the weekends? You have moved on to maturity and serious journalism?

No no no. Obviously not.

I have moved on from THE MUPPETS.

My new fandom of fandoms is: THE MOOPETS.

You know that amazing live band? I got a chance to see them in Reno and immediately fell in love with them. There was something so familiar about their lead singer Miss Poogy, their band manager Kermoot and the piano playing dog Roowlf. So familiar, and yet so new, so edgy and so exciting.

And so, let it commence. A week of the Inspirational, the Celebrational and the Moopetational! This is what we call The Moopet Mindset!  Stay tuned as we explore the Woorld of the Moopets and investigate oother non-Muppet artists such as that “OOK, Goo” band, those girls on youtube who ‘Doo doo, do, do, do’ and the Green Album, and as I do my best to protect yoou from seeing any fascinating, interesting or exciting Twitter posts from that Ryan Doosier chap who used to run this blog, but is now cavorting around Disney Woorld!

7 thoughts on “The Moopet Mindset

  1. Haha The Moopets were one of the most genius parts of the movie! I think they're still on tour, I just saw their official site at themoopets dot com Haha check it out!

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