Official Character Descriptions from "The Muppets"

Earlier this weekend, our friends over at Stitch Kingdom were provided with some fantastic, official info from Disney about The Muppets. Over the next two days we’ll be sharing with you what they’ve shared already, starting today with The Muppets Official Character Descriptions. Enjoy these fun, insightful looks at the characters we’ll meet (and we’ve already met) in The Muppets this fall. Also, be sure to click on the links for Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie, Gonzo, Animal, and Walter, so you can check out the new, official Facebook fan pages for each character!

GARY (Jason Segel) is loyal to his brother Walter—the two do everything together. “Gary is from Smalltown, USA,” says Jason Segel (TV’s “How I Met Your Mother,” Forgetting Sarah Marshall), a longtime Muppet fan who created the role with himself in mind. “He’s very naïve, sweet and innocent, and he’s very much in love with his girlfriend Mary. He’s torn between his brother and growing into a new phase of maturation where it’s time to be with his girlfriend. He’s lived with his brother forever so that is his big struggle.”

The plot thickens when the trio decides to take a vacation. Says Segel, “The movie starts out with me and my brother Walter, whose wildest fantasy is to meet the Muppets. My goal is to take a vacation to L.A. with my girlfriend Mary. So we all come to L.A. and while taking a tour of Muppet Studios, which are now decrepit, we find out that they’re going to be torn down to drill for oil. So we have to find Kermit, reunite the Muppets—who have disbanded because of professional rivalries—and put on a show to raise enough money to save the studio.”

Gary throws himself into the effort, putting his relationship with Mary on the back burner—again. Will he ever be able to grow up and embrace true love?

With his Kermit t-shirt and watch, WALTER (Walter) is a devoted fan of the Muppets. The lifelong resident of Smalltown, USA, dreams of meeting his heroes one day, and feels that—just maybe—he belongs with them. So when brother Gary and his girlfriend Mary plan a trip to Los Angeles, Walter joins them with hopes of realizing his dream once and for all.

The role marks the big-screen debut for Walter, and one seemingly written for him. “I play Walter, the world’s biggest Muppet fan,” says the star, “which is a real coincidence, since I happen to be the world’s biggest Muppet fan and my name is Walter. It’s like I was made to play this part.”

Walter finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time—or is it the right time?—when he overhears evil oil baron Tex Richman discussing a plot to destroy Muppet Studios. With the help of Gary and Mary, it’s Walter who sets the plan in motion to reunite the Muppets and save the studio. His pure-hearted enthusiasm for all things Muppets just might save more than the studio, too.

MARY (Amy Adams) is a valued shop teacher in Smalltown, USA—at least if the number of apples on her desk are any indication. She is Gary’s longtime girlfriend who often finds herself playing third wheel to Gary and his brother Walter.

Mary shares Gary and Walter’s sweet, innocent disposition, but she’s growing weary of sharing her boyfriend with Walter. She can’t help but hope for a magical proposal during their Los Angeles vacation, but her plans are derailed when news of Muppet Studios’ pending demise spur the trio into expressly non-marriage-proposal action.

Amy Adams (The Fighter, Julie & Julia) was called on for the role—in a way that was impossible to miss, says the actress. “Jason and Kermit sent me an invitation to be in Disney’s The Muppets—they asked if I’d read the script and consider the role of Mary. Kermit was a big part of my decision. I don’t like to tell Jason that ’cause he’s a little sensitive that I might be partial to Kermit, but I am.”

In Disney’s The Muppets, KERMIT THE FROG (Kermit the Frog) lives a quiet, solitary life. It’s been a few years since the Muppets last performed together and Kermit doesn’t realize how much he misses his friends until he’s tracked down by Walter, Gary and Mary from Smalltown, USA, and convinced to reunite with the rest of the Muppets to save Muppet Studios.

Returning to the role he made famous in six previous Muppet movies, “The Muppet Show” and countless TV specials and internet videos, is Kermit the Frog. “I’ve played other parts, like Bob Crachit  in A Muppet Christmas Carol and Captain Smollett in Muppet Treasure Island, says Kermit, “but I think me is my favorite part.”

The role is a bit of a departure for the frog known for his unifying spirit and award-winning songs like “The Rainbow Connection.” “The movie is filled with comedy, music and adventure—like all the Muppet movies,” says Kermit. “But I play quite a dramatic role. You see a side of me that maybe you haven’t see before—and I’m not just taking about new camera angles. Acting wise, I really stretch to play me. One of my favorite moments is singing a brand new original song called ‘Pictures in my Head.’ I walk through the halls of a big mansion looking at portraits of my Muppet friends and missing those guys. It was very emotional…and I think it will disprove critics who’ve said ‘the frog can’t emote.'”

Kermit, who’s always the glue that holds the Muppets together, has a big job in this movie, going head to head with Tex Richman—a guy who’s lost his laugh—to save the studio.

TEX RICHMAN (Chris Cooper) is a rich oil baron who’s concocted a devious plan to destroy Muppet Studios, presumably to dig for the oil he claims is underneath.

But the truth, says Chris Cooper (Adaptation, The Bourne Identity), who portrays the villain, is that Tex has a personal vendetta against the Muppets. “He blames the Muppets for a terrible event that happened to him at his 10th birthday party,” says Cooper. “He is unable to laugh and has vowed to destroy the Muppets.”

But Tex Richman’s inability to laugh doesn’t stop him from taking part in other Muppet antics. He may be cold-hearted and conniving, but this oil magnate has a few secrets up his sleeve that are more fun than fiendish.

MISS PIGGY (Miss Piggy) showcases her diva attitude and big personality in a new made-to-order gig in Disney’s The Muppets. As plus-size editor of Vogue Paris, she shares her sublime fashion sensibilities with readers worldwide… at least until Kermit shows up.

The Frog is there, of course, as part of his mission to reunite all the Muppets to save Muppet Studios from Tex Richman. But Miss Piggy can read between the lines: she knows an invitation for love when she sees it.  And really—how could she say no to Kermie?

Playing the role of Miss Piggy is none other than Miss Piggy (Muppets from Space, TV’s “The Muppet Show”). “It’s the role I was born to play,” says the internationally famous star. “Moi plays a high-powered, confident, charismatic, gorgeous, scene-stealing star who saves the day and wins her frog’s heart.” Her fans would expect nothing less.

FOZZIE BEAR (Fozzie Bear) lives to make people laugh. So during the Muppets’ extended hiatus depicted in Disney’s The Muppets, the stand-up comic bear was determined to keep his act and the spirit of the Muppets alive—even if it meant joining up with a Reno casino tribute band called the Moopets. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and the Moopets may be sincere, but they’re also a little creepy.

“The Moopets recreate great Muppet moments,” says Fozzie Bear (The Great Muppet Caper, TV’s “The Muppet Show”), who is back on the big screen as his namesake, “at least that’s what they told me we were doing. Could’ve fooled me.”

Regardless of who he shares the stage with, Fozzie will try anything to tickle the audience’s funny bones: gags, novelties, whoopee cushions, banana peels, custard pies and recycled jokes that earn more winces than laughs—particularly from his in-house hecklers, Statler and Waldorf (aka “those two old guys in the balcony”) In truth, Statler and Waldorf just might be the bear’s biggest fans. Though they’d never admit it, they may actually be happy to see Fozzie and the Muppets reunited—and they might have to throw the bear a laugh or two this time if it means saving Muppet Studios.

VERONICA (Rashida Jones) is a network executive called on by the Muppets to air their studio-saving telethon. She’s not easily swayed, and it’ll take a big-name star to seal the deal.

Actress Rashida Jones (The Social Network, TV’s “The Office”) portrays the tough-as-nails woman to impress. “I play a hard-nosed, stressed-out TV executive,” says Jones, “but I am the only one who gives the Muppets the chance to air their fundraising telethon. I definitely crack the whip, though, because I’m scared of losing my job and I’m scared it’s not going to be successful—I yell at Kermit a lot.”

It won’t be easy, but hopefully, Kermit can charm Veronica like he charms every woman, network exec and diva pig he encounters.

GONZO THE GREAT (The Great Gonzo) has been very busy since the Muppets last performed. In Disney’s The Muppets, Kermit, Walter and the gang find that Gonzo’s career is down the drain—literally. “I play a plumbing magnate,” says the daredevil who returns to the role he single-handedly made famous. “In this movie, we see what happens when I pursue plumbing — my original career choice. Actually, show business and plumbing have a lot in common—especially when it comes to clogs and snakes.”

It takes some convincing—and an increase in health insurance coverage—to get Gonzo back on stage. Fortunately, Gonzo (The Muppets Take Manhattan,  TV’s “The Muppet Show”), a pioneer of all things weird, can’t resist the temptation of the wild and wacky stunts he performs to earn the eternal admiration (not to mention shock and awe) of his audience—and one very special chicken named Camilla.

Gonzo’s stage act, which includes shooting himself from a cannon, balancing a piano on his nose, or eating radial tires to classical music, will likely always end in disaster… but that’s the whole point!

ANIMAL (Animal), the ultimate rock n’ roll survivor, finally addresses a troublesome personality trait and finds himself in an anger management program in Disney’s The Muppets. He’s traded in his drums for a flute and is struggling to redefine his identity. As if…

But fear not, fans of the over-the-top, monosyllabic, appetite-with-legs drummer from Dr. Teeth’s Electric Mayhem Band. Once reunited with the Muppets, Animal’s incessant (yet innocent) pursuit of rock n’ roll, food and women (not necessarily in that order) returns. “Me like,” says Animal (Muppet Treasure Island, TV’s “The Muppet Show”). “Movie good.”

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