Two New Commercials and a Sneak Peek at "The Muppets"

The promotional engine for The Muppets is being revved fairly often by the Disney powers that be. In the past four days, we’ve seen a ton of new content promoting the film on television and Disney’s main website.

First up is an official, Emmy-themed commercial for the movie that aired during FOX’s broadcast of the countdown to the Emmys red carpet ceremony. It’s very notable because for the first time in promotion for the movie, we get to hear and see Pepe prominently featured!

Our friend Chris Stulz uploaded the video for us and has also provided us with an awesome breakdown of the commercial! Check it all out below:

0:01 – We start off with new Miss Piggy footage superimposed over what I’m sure is going to be one of the final scenes the new movie. “Reporting” like she’s on the Emmy Red Carpet. She is obviously covering up Walter, Kermit, Fozzie, Zoot, Animal, and er, herself from the footage of the movie, but we CAN clearly see Scooter, Rowlf, Dr. Teeth, and Janice wearing a coat. The coat reminds me of the ones you see Ralph Lauren or Robert Redford wearing in the mountains, at Sundance, or in over priced catalogs. But the real question that should get fans heads scratching is why. Why is she wearing a coat? Was is it cold in LA that night? I mean it makes me feel bad for poor Rowlf. All he has on is a golf cap. Poor dog must be freezing!

0:06 – Glamour shot of Animal, Zoot, and Dr. Teeth exiting the theater. “Teeth” as he’s affectionally known to OK GO, is wearing a black scarf. Wow all those tassels, long, and and I do mean long, sleeves, his trademark furry hat, and he still needs a scarf? Man, how cold out was it! Now I really feel bad for Rowlf!

0:07-0:09 – Movie footage of Crazy Harry doing what he does best… wear a sweater… wait no, that’s not it.. it’s him blowing something up! Only this time it’s himself! The face Crazy Harry has post explosion is just too awesome for words, and that old school, Wile E. Coyote barrel of TNT next to him is just the icing on the cake! All it needs is an ACME logo!

0:20 – New footage of Statler and Waldorf commenting on not wanting to tell Amy Adams that she’s in the movie. She may want to get her agent on the phone! But behind them we get our first glimpse of the theater’s seating section and balcony as seen from the stage! Now you can see exactly what Kermit saw from center stage every episode without all those pesky audience member in the way! The set design crew really did their homework and it looks amazing!

0:25-0:28 – THE MUPPETS .. and the announcer doesn’t even say “Disney’s”… how could this get any better! PEPE!!!!!!! In new footage!!! Telling us the date the movie comes out and then laughing in his perfect devious way!! We haven’t seen much of Pepe in the marketing or scenes shown yet in the previous trailers, but this tells me he may not have as minor a role as we thought!

0:30 – Then they end it all with a triumphant shot of Adams and Segal with Piggy, Walter, and Kermit above the Hollywood Boulevard dancers and we can see Thog, Behemoth, Sweetums, and Jim Henson, behind them. Wait, Whoa, Huh? WHAT!… YES you read that correctly. While I know many saw pictures from the filming of these scenes, this trailer in that last two seconds would seem to confirm that yes, the sign that featured Jim did make it into the film so we shall se the man who started it all in this film 21 years after his death. Just amazing!!

And if that weren’t enough (and, c’mon, we know it’s not), yet another commercial for the movie aired during Tuesday night’s season premiere episode of Glee. Lucky for you, I’m an unabashed (well… slightly bashed) Gleek and as soon as I finished watching the episode, I had my brother record the commercial on his iPhone and I uploaded it to The Muppet Mindset YouTube account… check it out below!

We don’t have a breakdown of this commercial at the moment… but do take note that it features chickens clucking Cee Lo Green’s “Forget You,” which is fantastic. Plus, more Pepe (in Behemoth’s mouth!), lots of Scooter, penguins, and just a general awesome feeling.

Yet this is still not it! Yesterday, the first video to start playing on was an exclusive sneak peek at the movie! It features talk segments with Kermit, Piggy, Fozzie, Animal, Floyd (yes, Floyd), Jason Segel, Amy Adams, and we get to hear Uncle Deadly speak with Matt Vogel’s voice for the first time! (Spoiler: He sounds perfect.) Lucky for you, our friends at Muppet Musings have uploaded the video to YouTube for all to enjoy forever!

How awesome is this? Three brand new videos promoting The Muppets since Sunday… and each with new content. Incredible! What a great time it is to be a Muppet fan.

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier,

3 thoughts on “Two New Commercials and a Sneak Peek at "The Muppets"

  1. I am so very excited for this film!

    And by the way Ryan, thanks so much for this blog, I share your cautiously optimistic attitude. Thanks for not being one of those mean-spirited cynics that are so prevalent on the Internet.

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