News Update: November 10, 2011

NEWS UPDATE: November 10, 2011
This past weekend on ABC Family, an exclusive “All Access First Look” at The Muppets aired during the Disney animated classic Beauty and the Beast. Miss Piggy hosted the event, constantly asserting that this was “her” movie–with all the other weirdos as well. To finish off the event, they showed an exclusive clip from the film. You can check out the whole thing below!

As if that weren’t enough, the very next day the Muppets appeared on Disney Channel during airings of tween comedies Good Luck Charlie and Shake it Up! to show off their “Muppet Movie Star Secrets.” The segments aired during commercial breaks and showed Kermit and Miss Piggy offering their celebrity advice to the cast of Disney Channel’s A.N.T. Farm. It was a pretty cute appearance… and once again you can see it all below! (Thanks to our friend Chris Stulz for both of these videos!!)

A spectacular interview with Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem surfaced recently on The interview is incredibly well-written, in character, and hysterical. I honestly can’t remember the last time Dr. Teeth was written so perfectly. Be sure to read it all the way through! Every answer is truly a gem. By the way… how incredible is it that we’re seeing an interview with the Electric Mayhem?! Has that ever happened? I don’t know… but I know I want to see it happen again.

The other day we linked to 14 brand new interviews with the cast of The Muppets from Well, as it turns out, there are even more interviews to be seen! This time the fine folks at tapedimension on YouTube have posted some fantastic Muppet content over the past few days, including three full parts of B-Roll footage from behind the scenes of the film (beware of major spoilers) and those previously mentioned interviews with producers David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman, and Martin Baker, writer Nicholas Stoller, choreographer Michael Rooney, and… wait for it… Uncle Deadly!! The interview with the unbelievable Uncle Deadly is below. Make sure you watch.

The YouTube channel for Walt Disney Pictures Australia recently uploaded another semi-parody, mostly accidental, trailer for The Muppets. This time, the Muppets take on beloved tropes of Bollywood cinema, and end up carrying it through to the end, even after realizing that it was a typo and should have said “Hollywood.” Check out the trailer for singing penguins, lots of dancing, and Muppets! (Plus, Gonzo’s dream of going to Bombay, India and becoming a movie star is sort of, kind of coming true!)

Some attendees at the Savannah Film Festival in Georgia were treated to a surprise screening of The Muppets as the Director’s Choice film for the entire festival. Most of the audience at the festival was critics or film snobs (in a good way), so this was a great outlet for Disney to test the waters and see what sort of market The Muppets truly has. Well, lucky for Disney, the reviews that have come out of the Film Festival screening have been 100% positive. posted a quick, highly positive video review immediately after seeing the movie, and have promised a full review soon. Meanwhile, the official review for the Film Festival was written by Susan Kemp, who, in the article, calls herself a “Grinch.” Even so, she was immediately and completely charmed by the film and gave it a glowing review. Both of these are spoiler free, so be sure to read them to get a perspective on the critic’s views! Also on that note, look out for The Muppet Mindset’s exclusive review of The Muppets tomorrow!! Ryan Dosier will be seeing it tonight and will share his thoughts with the internet at large for tomorrow’s post. (Perhaps even at 11:11am on 11/11/11?)

On Tuesday night, the Muppets teamed up with Google + to host a “Hangout” event on YouTube with Kermit, Miss Piggy, Jason Segel, Walter, James Bobin, and Nicholas Stoller all showing up for attendance to talk about their new movie for 17 minutes straight. The live-linking of the feed was a little choppy due to such a high-volume of hangers out (which can only be a good thing), but the Frog, the Pig, the Walter, and the Segel were all fantastic and fun. You can check out the full video from the Google + Hangout below!

Those cool cats (note: I have no idea if the company is actually run by cats) over at have printed 25 Muppet t-shirt designs from their recent contest (the contest which brought us James Carroll’s Muppetational Mosaic t-shirt). Some of the shirts they decided to print are absolutely awesome (and I absolutely must have them) and some are just sort of “meh,” but either way, it’s fantastic to see Muppet fan artists rewarded in an official fashion! Congratulations to all those printed!

The Muppets have teamed up with for some exclusive, interactive video content! What is Viddy, you ask? Well, check out the official description from the Viddy email: 

“The Muppets” Are In Theaters on Thanksgiving, But They’re on Viddy Today!

In anticipation of the soon-to launch film Disney’s “The Muppets,” Disney and Viddy, today launch The Muppets Pack(TM). Featuring some of the beloved Muppets brought to life in 15-second video clips, the Muppet Pack offers a unique opportunity to create personalized interactive Viddys with your favorite characters like; Kermit, Miss Piggy, Gonzo & Fozzie Bear! More Muppets Character Packs coming soon. Download version 1.3.4 on iTunes

Launching today is, a centralized place on the web to view the Muppets Viddys our community is creating from around the globe. Watch a sample video featuring football great Warren Sapp with Fozzie Bear online here:–get a sneak peek at what the Muppets Character Packs look like!

Finally, we’ve added a new “What’s Hot” area where you can see Popular, Trending, and Newest videos from the community.

Have fun, stay tuned for more updates, and enjoy “The Muppets”!

Jason Segel appeared on The Tonight Show on Tuesday and talked for quite a bit about his exuberant Muppet fandom. Segel delivered a fantastic, honest, charming interview and, for me at least, solidified once and for all why he is the exact right person to be helming the Great Muppet Renaissance (patent pending) that The Muppets is bringing us in just a few weeks. You can watch the Muppet-focused portion of the interview below, and be sure to check out the full interview on The Tonight Show‘s website!

And to close up our massive News Update… check out the wonderful, charming, adorable interview with Kermit the Frog from yesterday’s The Ellen Degeneres Show. That frog charms with the best of ’em, and Ellen is always a ton of fun. Enjoy!

Be sure to check back with The Muppet Mindset tomorrow for our exclusive early review of The Muppets after Ryan Dosier sees the film at the cast and crew screening in Los Angeles!

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier,

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