Weekly Muppet Wednesdays: Miss Poogy

WMW Miss Poogy

Written by Ryan Dosier.


Performed by…Miss Poogy
David Rudman

First appearance…
The Muppets (2011)

Most recent appearance…
Muppets Most Wanted (2014)

Best known role…
Leader of the Moopets; opposite of Miss Piggy; lover of omelet stations

Miss Poogy is the anti-Miss Piggy; a ruddy, rough looking pig. She dresses in a leather jacket with lots of fishnets and chains. Miss Poogy’s only role of any sort is as a Moopet who performs with Fozzie Bear in Reno, Nevada in the 2011 film, The Muppets. There, she acts as the leader of the gang of tough, mean Moopets which include Koormit, Joonice, Roowlf, and Animool. Miss Poogy dresses in a blonde wig, a white dress, purple gloves, and a boa for the act, in order to impersonate Miss Piggy (but if you asked Poogy, she’d say she doesn’t need to impersonate that hack-pig anyway).

Miss Poogy joins up with Kermit the Frog and the rest of the Muppets for a brief stint in the movie after Miss Piggy refuses to return to help save the Muppet Theater and Studio. The Muppets soon regret their decision of hiring the tough pig when she brings out and starts sharpening a knife, asks for kerosene to burn some of Miss Piggy’s old dresses, and gives off a generally threatening persona. That is, until Miss Piggy shows up to reclaim her spot among the Muppets. She and Miss Poogy have a showdown, but Miss Poogy’s affinity for omelet station leads to her downfall at the karate chopping fist of Miss Piggy, proving that no one can replace Miss Piggy.

Miss Poogy returns later to join Tex Richman in his quest to destroy the Muppet Theater and Studio and brings the rest of the Moopets with her from Reno, including Foozie Bear. The Moopets join up with Tex Richman, Uncle Deadly, and Bobo the Bear and move to thwart the Muppet Telethon efforts in various ways during the show. Will they succeed? Will the Moopets replace the Muppets? No… probably not.

Miss Poogy later appeared in Muppets Most Wanted (2014) in a small cameo role as one of the many prisoners locked up in the Russian gulag prison.

Great question. They really don’t need Miss Poogy, as it turns out. But it did take Miss Poogy and the rest of the Moopets to show Kermit and the Muppets just what it is that makes them so wonderful. Miss Poogy can’t even hold a candle to the divine Miss Piggy, and her triumphant return proves that. The same can be said for the rest of the Moopets. Fozzie realizes this very quickly and escapes Reno and the Moopets to go back with Kermit and the actual Muppets–an act that truly means something. The Moopets, and Miss Poogy, prove the world and the Muppets that singing and dancing and making people happy is the most noble goal, and laughter is the greatest gift you can give the world.

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier, ryguy102390@gmail.com

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