Sesame Street Season 42, Episode Recap: Week 4

Sesame Street Season 42
Episode Recap: Week 4

Shane Keating – Hey folks! There’s been quite a lot of Sesame Street since last we saw each other. With all the Muppety-goodness surrounding the new movie, it’s taken up all of our focus for the last few months, but I’ve still kept my eye on the new Sesame Street episodes. If you haven’t seen them yet, here’s what you’ve missed since late October:


Elmo and Telly are reading through a book, full of fascinating bug facts. They find a lone butterfly fluttering around, so Elmo dresses like one to be its friend. After hanging out for the day, Elmo learns he must say goodbye when the butterfly’s friends come to take him to warmer climates. A sweet story if anything. It’s nice to know that in this age where the show is using more modern hip-hop and rap songs, they can still do a sweet, slow song like the one in this episode.

New Segments and Other Highlights:

  • Michelle Monaghan and Abby explain the word “fascinating.”
  • In today’s science experiment, Murray learns what devices can move a tin ball the farthest.
  • Song: “F is for Father”; cute bit.
  • “Elmo’s Got the Moves” – A short song with Elmo, Abby, Big Bird and some celebrity cameos. I’ll admit, I don’t care for the auto-tuning (as the Muppeteers have actual, good singing voices), but for the hip-hop-style song it was, I think it fits the genre.


Baby Bear is having relationship issues with his sister Curly, who refuses to share his crayons, give back his seat, and play his games. Chris and Christy (his twin sister) help him understand that siblings are different and may not get along all the time, but still love each other. This was a fair street story. The songs in the flashbacks were fine; I don’t think I’ve ever noticed how well Chris can sing before. And I dig his gold, Hammer pants!

New Segments and Other Highlights:

  • Abby helps Jimmy Kimmel show what a sibling is. Watch for Jimmy in drag as his sis!
  • Murray and Ovejita present the letter and number, as well as play “What’s Missing” with a swing.
  • Cartoon: A song about the number 20. It’s cute and made by the same folks who made the Y song from earlier this season.
  • CGI Animation: The Twiddlebugs find many uses for a paperclip. I wonder if they’re going to make more segments with these guys.


Detective Alfie Bets, played by Adam Rodriguez, is vacationing on Sesame Street (as Hooper’s has a high rating on “”), when everyone is missing stuff that begins with R. Leela’s missing her roses and rake, Telly is missing his robot and remote and The Amazing Mumford is missing his rabbit Rodney. When his ravioli goes missing too, he gets back in action and, with Elmo and Abby’s help, tries to track down the culprit. A good story with some nice CSI-stlye camera movements, which helped make a good gag during the stakeout scene. Plus, MUMFORD! And voiced by Jerry Nelson, no less! I like how the producers didn’t put in an explanation for younger viewers as to who he is; they just treat him like he’s always around.

New Segments and Other Highlights:

  • Grover, Amer’e Stoudemire, and Carmelo Anthony of the New York Knicks demonstrate the word “compare.” Once again, the non-Elmo Word segments prove to be the funnier ones.
  • Murray and Ovejita introduce everything again. Toward the end, they play a comparing game, with a rockin’ intro song (with Ovejita wearing a stringy, blonde wig!)
  • CGI Animation: Ziggy the Zebra-saurus breaks it down and raps about shapes. No, really.


Alan, Chris, and Elmo suddenly become contestants on the hit-show “Cast Iron Cooks,” hosted by the Super Chef (Jason Schwartzman), where they compete against his Cast Iron Cooks to become the best cook around. During the rounds, Alan’s meals aren’t met with critical acclaim, but wins the show when the Cast Iron Cooks make little mess ups. A pretty fine street story. I particularly liked Jason’s over-the-top performances, such as the times where he’d pop up from nowhere.

New Segments and Other Highlights:

  • Amy Adams and Elmo explain the word “ingredient.” A nicely timed appearance I must say!
  • More Murray/Ovejita tune-ins that don’t pertain to science.
  • Sutton Foster sings to Elmo about her love of levers. A great Broadway-style number, with most the human cast included, including the seldom-seen Bob!


Telly catches the end of Leela’s morning yoga class and is amazed at what he sees. With Elmo and Rosita’s help, he tries to learn the “flamingo” pose, but can’t keep his balance. Chris teaches him to find his balance point and Telly is finally able to do it! An alright street story, with plenty of nice Telly freak-outs and a great gag with Elmo at the end.

New Segments and Other Highlights:

  • Emma Stone and Abby demonstrate the word “balance.”
  • In today’s science experiment, Murray learns how to make a boat from tinfoil.
  • Bruno Mars and the Muppets sing “Don’t Give Up.” The song follows on the heels of last year’s hit “What I Am,” making a song about encouragement and using a plain, white background. It’s really cute, with adorable Muppet choreography.


Alan, Abby, and Elmo find a princess chasing a frog, trying to kiss it and turn it into the price she’s always dreamed of. They help attract the frog, by acting like one and having Alan pretend to be a fly. When she kisses him, he remains the same. Abby uses magic to change him into a prince. But, the frog prince doesn’t think being that way is fun and asks to be turned back. The princess sees the beauty of a frog and becomes his friend. I couldn’t help but think this episode was similar to the one from season 39 where Abby tried to make Oscar a prince. Still, it was pretty good. I particularly liked Stephanie D’Abruzzo’s performance as the princess and the song near the end.

New Segments and Other Highlights:

  • Conan O’Brien and Abby show what an amphibian is.
  • Song: “Letter M Day” – a notebook style segment. I’ve really started to like the segments that use a lot of alliteration.
  • “Spider-Monster the Musical”: Grover (Frank Oz!) stars in a Spider-Man musical parody with Mr. Johnson as the unfortunate and only audience member. This is, hands-down, one of the funniest sketches they’ve done recently and one of their sharpest parodies ever. Kudos goes to Frank for all his great lines.


Elmo is upset that all his friends are taller than him. With Abby’s magical help, he grows taller… to the size of Hooper’s Store. Despite this, Elmo is glad he’s big and would rather stay that way. Chris, Telly, Baby Bear, and Abby try to convince him that being his regular size would be much better. Very cute story. Basically anytime Elmo emotes, a story has potential. There a number of funny lines from the side characters (Chris: “Abby, little girl, you gotta stop doin’ these spells that are messin’ with the laws of nature!”)

New Segments and Other Highlights:

  • Drew Brees and Elmo demonstrate the word measure.
  • Some more new Murray tune-ins.
  • Cartoon: An animated segment by childrens’ author Todd Parr about counting 10 doggy kisses.
  • Basically, everything else was a re-run; Abby, Super Grover and they even re-ran “Measure, Yeah, Measure” (which I saw no reason for).

Hope that caught you all up! Tune in next time for when Stinky gets covered with leaves, 123 Sesame Street falls into disrepair, and Ernie and Bert get stuck in a flood!

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier,

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