Sesame Street Season 42, Episode Recap: Week 5

Sesame Street Season 42 
Episode Recap: Week 5

Shane Keating – Happy New Year’s Eve, everybody! Here’s another overview of this week’s new Sesame Street episodes!


123 Sesame Street is in desperate need of repairs and Gordon has a hard time keeping up with them. He refuses to get a superintendent, but eventually lets Maria help him fix things and hires her as the super.

This street story had a definite classic feel. The focus on the humans (Susan makes an appearance!) and the use of classic characters (Big Bird, The Count, Super Grover) made this one a winner. And I still have “Together We Can Get Things Done” in my head.

New Segments and Other Highlights:

  • Oscar is somehow roped into a lecture on the word “stubborn” with Nicole Kidmen. Seriously, the non-Elmo Word of the Day segments are way funnier than the ones with Elmo and an animal or two.
  • Film: Can you find the letter V? Here’s a hint: It’s a tree!
  • Abby’s Flying Fairy School: Blögg’s sludge balls fall into the school’s water pool, so the students turn into fish and use their five senses to locate them. I can’t believe they missed an opportunity to make a “herring” pun.
  • “Change the World” re-aired. I enjoy it enough, but I’d much rather they re-used something that wasn’t already played this season.
  • Cartoon: Toolbox Tedd repairs a robot.


Ernie and Bert stay with Gordon and Susan due a flood in the basement of 123. Meanwhile, Oscar bothers Maria and Luis while they try to fix the pipes.

What an age we live in; a street story without Elmo and instead Ernie and Bert, Oscar, Gordon, Susan, Maria and Luis. Now that’s a cast! It was a great street story that makes me wish Steve could be around for the show more often.

New Segments and Other Highlights:

  • John Krasinski and Murray show what “soggy” is.  Hooray for a punchline!
  • Murray’s science experiments return. Today, he and the kids make a Rube Goldberg-esque contraption to get balls in a bucket.
  • No other new segments. Boo.


In the garden, Stinky the Stinkweed is buried by the autumn leaves. Elmo, Rosita, Chris and Leela find out which tree they’re falling from and how to protect him from them.

This was alright, not as good as the other ones this week though. Stinky was super funny despite that. I’m not gonna lie though, I didn’t care for the “Deciduous” song.

New Segments and Other Highlights:

  • Ken Jeong and Elmo explain what “deciduous” means. I’ll admit, I never even heard of this word before. Good for Sesame Street for teaching me something to this day!
  • Murray and the kids make twirlers that will be able to fly.
  • Abby’s Flying Fairy School: While learning about opposites, Blögg accidentally casts an opposite spell on himself, making him a dapper, proper and behaved troll-fairy. I’m pretty sure this is the last new one of this season. Hopefully, if the segment continues to next season, they make just as many (or more) new episodes.
  • Super Grover 2.0: A squirrel’s shelf topples over, so Super Grover helps find a way to attach it to the tree. As glad as I am to see a new one after a series of repeats, I miss Bert and Ernie’s Great Adventures.
  • Film: Kids in Africa recite a chant called “Shake Shake That Mango Tree.” Reminded me of some mid-90’s films they used to play.

I’ll see you in a few weeks with some of the last few episodes of the season. Happy New Year!

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier,

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