Tribute to the Tributes

Muppet Covers (not those new Snuggies you can get)

Spotted: Jason Segel and Chelsea Gill (future Chel Segel?) meeting at the Ritz Carlton for cheese crackers (Ritz, naturally) and tea before heading out to the Chicago Film Critics awards where, we understand, awards are given to some of Chicago’s finest critics (Statler and Waldorf sadly missed out on an award this year, having no traceable linage to the windy city and because of Waldorf pulling a Kanye last year at the Oscars and interrupting James Franco to insist that, “I’mma let you finish, but the Muppets had one of the best videos of all times. I loved it, well, it wasn’t bad, well, there were parts of it that I didn’t like, it was terrible, it was awful, boo boo!!!”).

Our sources indicate that Jason Segal saw the gal (get it? See Gal?) when she posted a tribute to him upon the internet with lyrical wonders such as his being ‘the ring to her Smeagal’ (whatever one of those is) and suggested he was ‘super busy’ with ‘Miss Piggy’ (she’s a poet, did she realise that she had this ability?) Rumours abound that Jason’s agent (or his manager, or his mum?) arranged for the two of them to meet, have a drink and watch some awards being awarded to awesome Chicago films.

Anyway, this got me, The British Correspondent, to thinking, what if The Muppets were to take out some of the creators of great tributes to the Muppets posted, similarly, on the internet. So…I set out to find some and to post witty commentary (he says wistfully).

First up, ever thought that you want to make a Muppet tribute using almost every Muppet production ever but that you ‘can’t, can’t, can’t?’. Turns out, you can can can.

King Goshposh was reportedly delighted to have been featured so heavily in a tribute to the Muppets and promptly invited “Enshandur” out for a polite evening of Texas-wings and cha-cha-cha-ing.

Next, we shall be saying hello to this amazing tribute to “Saying Goodbye”…

Just days after this video was released on YouTube, Scooter got in contact with Pupepepets asking where he could get that exact jacket for himself as used in the video (unfortunately for him, I had contacted Pupepepets just before and acquired the jacket for myself…so snazzy and fashionable!)

But, moving right along…

Fozzie was quick to notice this fun ukulele tutorial as he too is a fan of the jingly small guitar (or…um…whatever a ukulele is…I mostly just use the word to win scrabble). Hopefully JDEggo and Fozzie will get to jam together soon enough!

It is hard to tell if this is a man tribute or a Muppet tribute, guess we should ask the question…

The very manly Jason Segal Muppet was quick to note this tribute to himself, and if he can ever get out of the mirror-world in which he and apparently The Big Bang Theory exists then he’ll be sure to contact Thefumusic for a lunch!

I think there is time for one more cover in this article before I have to get off YouTube and return to real life (but don’t worry, I’m going to go back there someday!)

I was unable to contact Gonzo to make a comment on this video because he was on a date with the cello.

Well, folks, that is all from me for today. I am not going to have a good browse through YouTube in search of any tributes that may have been made to a certain British Correspondent that we all know and love (Yes, me.)

Until next time, I just want to add that I love the creativity and awesomeness that is shown in these creations from Muppet fans and I hope it continues into 2012!

-The British C

Thanks to: for inspiration.

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier,

2 thoughts on “Tribute to the Tributes

  1. Thus far I only made one real tribute.
    I work for the awesome site “The Agony Booth.” and was actually picked up, especially because of the muppet video I did, thus far it's every-body's favourite video out of all of my work, and well, it certainly is the happiest most affectionate one.
    I hope to make many more muppet tributes, the next time I hope to either make or acquire a puppet to move around with so she can do the entire video for me.
    I started to build Belinda the Bluebird, but she fell apart D:
    I feel so bad for Belinda that I need to build her again some day I have the time.

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