The Muppets Take Mairfair

Spotted: Kermit on a whistlestop tour of London. He hopped into taxi cabs, and tweeted from his lillyiPad. He made grown-ups green with envy by displaying his new Blue Peter badge and made children smile by stopping by Great Ormond Street. He edited The Sun and met Bob Geldof’s daughter. All the while, taking the time to answer Qs with As over at DisneyMoviesUK’s twitter feed. Stick with us as we retrace his steps (flipperprints?) and give you the lowdown on his visit to the United Kingdom’s capital city.

First of all, Kermit announced that he would be taking over the twitter-feed at DisneyMoviesUK and what a great job of it he did! Although they have taken back the reigns (and keyboard, and fancy broadcasting kit) today, you can still see his tweeted answers to fans from yesterday (alternatively do a search for #AskKermit). I noticed a few great ones:

Joey Essex asked: Hey Kermit coming to see you later at the premiere, what are you going to be wearing so we don’t clash? Stay REEM #AskKermit (No, we do not know what REEM means ourselves…)

To which Kermit responded: I usually go naked, but I’m going to premiere in a tux, so ok if U come 2 premiere naked #AskKermit (No comment)

Stephen Fry asked: Kermit, how often a day do you gargle to keep your tenor tones so supple?

Kermit answered: I gargle w/ fresh swamp water 3 X a day & 2 X a day Piggy grabs me by neck & shakes–keeping me supple & rattled

A girl called Laura H asked: will you be sampling the British cuisine while you’re in London today?

And Kermit let her know: I luv British food! The damp weather brings out the very tastiest mosquitoes. Bzzz…Yum!

Similar questions and answers kept popping up all day on the twitter feed, providing endless hours of entertainment (in just 140 characters!)
But that wasn’t all. Kermit also let us know through Twitter that he was popping into the esteemed establishment Great Ormond Street Hospital. Although we have not heard a report of what he got up to there, it must have been a real treat for the kids to see him.
Later on, Kermit and Miss Piggy showed up for the red carpet premiere at Mayfair!
Now, as it happens…my name had been left with the lady at the gate.

So she quickly called security and led me off the premises. (I joke.) (Or do I?) But luckily there were plenty of photographers and reporters who DID get in, and they have released some classic pictures and videos and details of the premiere which are included below.

This, from LoveFilm, has some fun comments from Pig and Frog and Bob(in).
As you can see, Miss Piggy is there in a customer Giles Deacon. He told GraziaDaily (who?) “She was the biggest diva we’ve ever worked with,” he revealed. “All the staff had to face the wall when she walked in.”

The Telegraph also had some coverage of the Muppets premiere which they uploaded here. (And a GREAT Miss Piggy interview from a few weeks ago here.)

Some amazing stars came out to see The Muppets… and also some semi-famous people who we have photos of…

Georgia Salpa went straight in for the kiss (and was later spotted on a potential date with Joey Essex…unless that is just who Kermit turned into after a kiss from a princess? Perish the thought…)

Megafan Olly Murs was also there (and rumoured to have exclusive Muppet footage on his tour later this year…)

Stephen Fry was also on hand (researching a QI episode on amphibian and porcine cross species dating?)

On close inspection of this image from the night, you can clearly see that Kermit is sporting a Blue Peter badge on his laple. Could he have popped onto the kids show (ship?) while he was over here in the UK?

This morning, Kermit and Fozzie Bear and Miss Piggy popped in to chat to Chris Moyles on (go figure) The Chris Moyles Show. They were all on form, with Fozzie cracking great jokes, Piggy cracking great insults and Kermit cracking up. The whole thing can be listened to here, but you might wanna skip to about 2 hours in (ish) when the Muppets arrive.

Finally (phew!) do not forget to watch The Jonathon Ross show tomorrow night in ITV! We heard from an insider that they are just great on the (custom built!) sofa with talk show host Jonathon Ross.

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier,

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