The Muppet Super Bowl

We asked the Muppets who they would pick as Super Bowl winners tonight… most of them had no idea we were talking about a football game (the Swedish Chef thought it was a choice between soup or bowl, Gonzo thought it was some sort of stunt involving a giant bowl of tapioca and a cape), some of them didn’t really care either way (Miss Piggy was conflicted over the looks of Eli Manning and Tom Brady, Rowlf just wanted to watch the commercials), and some were just bitter about the fact that their favorite sports couldn’t reach mainstream popularity (competitive boomerang fish throwing, alligator wrestling, bad joke telling). However, there were two who had a distinct opinion about the game… Sweetums is pulling for the New York Giants because any press for giants is good press, and Sam the Eagle is rooting for the New England Patriots because all patriots should be winners in America.
I think I’ll side with Sweetums. He’s bigger.
The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier,

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