The Muppet Madness Tournament 2012 – ROUND 3

March 24 – March 26

Ryan Dosier – This year’s Muppet Madness Tournament, hosted by we at The Muppet Mindset, ToughPigs, and The MuppetCast, has really been moving super fast. Why, it seems like only yesterday Uncle Deadly, Fozzie, Gary, and many of our other favorites were still in the game… Wait. They were. Because Round 2 ended yesterday, leading the way for Round 3 to begin today. And so it has! The rules have changed slightly for Round 3, allowing you to vote every six hours for your favorite characters instead of the usual every 24 hours. So now instead of hating us for making you choose between Kermit and Gonzo and Rowlf and Scooter, you can love us for letting you vote more! Right? Anyway… here are my predictions for Round 3…


WALTER vs. 80s ROBOT – The final two characters in the New Characters quadrant aren’t much of a huge surprise to me. Walter was the obvious winner of his last two matchups, and 80s Robot has proven himself quite capable of taking down two major actors and rolling his way to victory. However, 80s Robot’s winning streak will most certainly come to an end after this round, as the unstoppable Walter quickly makes the little robot retro. 


NEIL PATRICK HARRIS vs. JIM PARSONS – This is probably going to be the most heated matchup in Round 3–and it’s between two humans! Two very Muppety humans, however. Neil Patrick Harris, the huge Muppet fan with little screentime in The Muppets, and Jim Parsons, who played Human Walter, and received one of the biggest laughs of the picture. If I was placing bets on this one (and who says I’m not?), I’d put my money on Neil Patrick Harris sneaking ahead of Jim Parsons for the win. But if Parsons does win… we’ll have Muppet Walter vs. Human Walter, which would be awesome.


KERMIT THE FROG vs. GONZO THE GREAT – This is seriously like choosing between two heroes for me. Gonzo is my all-time favorite Muppet, but Kermit is Kermit. I would love to see Gonzo win… but I honestly don’t know if he can do it. I think Kermit will advance on to the Final Four… but I hope Gonzo’s fans can rally around him and at least help him put up a good fight.


ROWLF THE DOG vs. SCOOTER – Another incredibly hard matchup for Muppet fans. How do you choose between the two characters who made the most prominent returns in The Muppets after years of obscurity and hiding in the background. I don’t know… which is while I’ll be alternating my votes between the two of them. I’m expecting Rowlf to topple Scooter here, if only because he’s had such a steady number of dedicated voters the past two rounds… but anything can happen here. 

Well there you have it. Four extremely tough matchups in Round 3. Virtually any of these eight contestants could move on to Round 4… so only time and your votes will tell. Remember to go to to vote every six hours for your favorites! Voting for Round 3 ends on Monday… so you’d better vote fast!

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier,

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