The 2012 Muppet Madness Tournament – FINAL ROUND

March 30 – April 2
This. Is. MADNESS. Yes, we’ve officially reached the point where The Muppet Madness Tournament lives up to its name. Round 5, the final round, the Championship. After this, a winner will be declared. This matchup has been predicted by experts from the very beginning, but it’s still pretty incredible to me that we’re already here. Yes, it’s finally time to decide… WALTER vs. KERMIT THE FROG:
Art by the awesome James V. Carroll
I really, really don’t know who to pick. This round is virtually anyone’s game. Currently, after a day of voting, Walter has a very slight lead over Kermit, but the match is still anyone’s to win. When I last checked they were dead even, each with 50% of the vote between them. This is the most exciting Muppet Madness Championship I can remember, and it’s such a thrill to watch them go head to head. One can only imagine how many times Walter has passed out since finding out he’s not only in the finals, but going up against Kermit… poor kid.
As for my prediction on the winner… I have no idea. The leaders have gone back and forth. Since people are allowed to vote every hour in this round, rampant fans of both Kermit and Walter have been supporting their man/Muppet/frog consistently, giving them alternating leads. Who will remain supreme come the end of voting on April 2nd? My guess… is Walter. It’s the risky choice, I know, but I’m confident. Walter has consistently racked up the most votes in every round, while Kermit nearly fell to Rowlf last round. I just don’t know that Kermit can sustain a steady lead over Walter to bring him a win.
Yes, I may be a little biased in my support of Walter because I’ve met him, interviewed him, and basically am him, but what Muppet fan isn’t Walter? I mean… yes, Kermit is Kermit and he’s the best and he can never be one-upped… but Walter proved himself as an amazing, hilarious, endearing character in The Muppets and will probably continue to do so beyond that. Walter is my pick. But… I can never, ever condemn anyone for voting Kermit. Who could?
Anyway, in semi-self-promotion news, The Muppet Madness Tournament is in the final round of The Atlantic Wire’s Battle of the Brackets up against “Go Fug Yourself’s Fug Madness.” We are currently getting our butt kicked, losing by 85%… but if enough Muppet fans rally, we could pull out the win! How cool would it be for Muppets to win a major bracket contest? (Super cool, that’s how cool.) So please, please help us out with a vote! We need it!!
But the most important thing is to vote in The Muppet Madness Tournament!! Vote EVERY HOUR in the Championship and help bring Walter or Kermit to victory!
The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier,

4 thoughts on “The 2012 Muppet Madness Tournament – FINAL ROUND

  1. Walter is wonderful and I won't begrudge him if he wins, but I'm voting for Kermit and here's why:

    Walter represents us, the Muppet fans. Kermit represents Jim Henson. Without Jim Henson, there would be no Muppets. So I'm voting for Kermit as a small way to say “thank you” to Jim Henson.

  2. By the way, Ryan, I don't mean to be the English Major from Hell who goes around correcting everybody, but if you say you don't condone people voting for Kermit, that means you don't approve of people voting for Kermit. That isn't really what you meant, is it? I hope not.

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