News Update: April 27, 2012

NEWS UPDATE: April 27, 2012

Awhile back we told you that our friend Rocco Fonzarelli (which still is not his legal last name) got to puppeteer for musician Jill Scott‘s latest music video along with veteran Muppeteer Bruce Lanoil. Well, the music video is finally online and you can check out our pal Rocco’s dynamite work for yourself! (He’s performing the Rokko Whatnot Muppet, Bruce Lanoil performs the weasel.) Watch it below!

Another one of our good friends, Sesame Workshop’s Louis Henry Mitchell, recently created some awesome chalk drawings for the 8th floor of Sesame Workshop’s offices. He made chalk renditions of Elmo, Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch, Grover, and Big Bird on the walls and they are truly beautiful. (See an in-progress drawing at right.) Sesame Workshop was awesome enough to put a Making Of article up on their website written by Louis. It’s very, very cool to hear about the creative process and even more cool to see pictures of our buddy Louis hard at work. Congrats, Louis!!

Next year is 2013, and by all mathematical calculations, that means that Fraggle Rock will be turning 30 next year. The Jim Henson Company has decided to celebrate in style with a whole myriad of exciting high-end and affordable products being made available for the 30th anniversary. Perhaps the most exciting offering is A DESIGN CONTEST they’re running where fan artists can design products for the 30th anniversary. The winning design not only gets produced for the product line, but the winning artist receives a private tour of The Jim Henson Company and attendance to Fraggle Rock’s 30th anniversary party, a framed copy of their artwork, a feature on, and $2,500. So to all you Muppet fan artists out there… get to designing!! Designs must be submitted by June 20th and voting lasts from June 21-June 28, with a winner declared July 12th.

Over on Facebook, our friend Chris Stulz has started a brand new fan page for Muppet collectibles, aptly named Muppet Stuff. Chris plans to share Muppet collection photos, new Muppet merchandise and where to get it, and highlighting some old Muppet merchandise as well. Already there have been some fun posts to enjoy, so head on over to Facebook and “Like” Muppet Stuff!

Finally, over on Twitter, Muppet writer and keeper of the flame at The Jim Henson Legacy and Jim Henson Company, Craig Shemin, posted an incredible video of legendary Muppeteer Jerry Nelson recording the tune “Get Yourself Free Happy Little Song” from his incredible album Truro Daydreams. (If you don’t own Truro Daydreams yet that must be amended immediately… head over to right now and buy a copy–you’ll never regret it.) The video is marvelous and it’s such a joy to watch Jerry sing. Check it out below:

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier,

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