The Ramblings of Jarrod Fairclough, Muppet Nerd: Part 7

Jarrod Fairclough Presents: Ramblings of a Muppet Nerd Part 7


Hello friends.

So I own something I think you’ll all think is pretty amazing.  It took me 2 months to make a decision to buy it, but I bought it. It was expensive.  More than I care to admit.  But it’s amazing.

I bought a photograph hand signed by Jim Henson.  Wanna see?  Here ya go.

So that’s what I bought. Against my mother’s wishes. She was like “Come on, really?” And when I was asking opinions on Facebook, one person asked “Do you really want to spend that much on that?” And that’s when I realized why I had to buy it. Yes I wanted it, because it was a hand signed photo from my long dead hero. Jim Henson is my hero. As I’m sure he’s a hero to most of you. And I’m devastated that I’m never gonna get to meet the guy. I’ve met his friends. I’ve shaken the hands of people he worked with, including Kevin Clash and Marty Robinson. But I had the chance to buy something that he actually held in his hand, and signed. So I took that chance. And now, a part of Jim Henson is now on display in my bedroom. 

Every day I look at that, and I find it incredible that this man, this brilliant man, did so much. And I have something he signed. Yes, I’m not the only guy in the world that has his hero’s signature. But this man isn’t some A-list actor, this guy created an institution, and created some of the most recognizable characters in the world. I may never get to meet the guy, but this is the next best thing in my book. And I will own it forever, proudly displaying it like the Muppet Nerd I am. You jelly, bro?

What’s more illegal? Briefly inconveniencing Jack Black, or destroying The Muppets?


The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier,

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